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Tacx Flow Turbo Sessions

felix500felix500 Posts: 46
Anyone tried any of the Tacx Flow turbo sessions available on their website?


  • brucey72brucey72 Posts: 1,086
    Yes I gave them a go for a while but I found the continual changing of resistance very difficult to kee on top of especially when I was starting to blow out my ar5e towards the end of the session. I have given up on them and now use the sufferfest downloads, available at ( which seem to be universally recommended. amongst members of this forum. They seem to work really well with the Tacx Flow as you can adjust the wattage/resistance easily when required to do so by the instructions in the download.

    PS. I have no financial interest in the sufferefest - just think its really good :lol:
  • Had a look at that. Couldn't see any training sessions. Are these DVD's you download? If so, how do they tell you what level to be riding at i.e. what sort of info do you work to?
  • hazychrishazychris Posts: 202
    +1 for Sufferfest :-)

    When you do one it'll be more than clear how hard to go :twisted:

    Just watch out for the sadistic comments and stings in the tail....

    Buy them here:
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