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The BBC helps me train more!

TheHelpfulDevilTheHelpfulDevil Posts: 129
Good day to one and all.

I have never really been one to train very hard, I hate the turbo trainer, but due to shocking TV around this time of year I have spent more hours in the shed training.

Has anyone else spent more time training due to this? Also what motivates you to train? Lastly does anyone else read whilst training? I have read 3 novels in the last month.



  • Dodger747Dodger747 Posts: 305
    Lastly does anyone else read whilst training? I have read 3 novels in the last month.

    The sweating, slobbering, unsighlty mess I am when I get off the turbo isn't conductive to reading unfortunately... :lol:
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  • Eddy SEddy S Posts: 1,013
    edited January 2010
    Also what motivates you to train?
    I don’t train because I like training; I train because I like winning!

    I’ve been looking for a reason/excuse to use that line for ages! 8)

    Motivation is easy (relatively speaking) to find if you have goals and objectives, otherwise what are you training for?
    I’m a sprinter – I warmed up yesterday.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    If you can read whilst turboing - what HR are you working at ?

    Is this like the girls I've seen at the gym on the exercise bike turning the pedals ever so s l o w l y on a low level and making themselves think that they're working ?

    Plenty of options to listen to iplayer stuff off the BBC though - but I couldnt read and work hard.
  • jacsterjacster Posts: 177
    Think I'd struggle to read on the turbo. TV I can just about manage! :lol:
    As far as motivation Eddy S has hit the nail on the head for me... it's goals which make me put in the training hours, plus I quite enjoy it too!!
    My main goal is a race in September, so at the moment it's plenty of steady work.
  • SCR PedroSCR Pedro Posts: 912
    I use the Tacx Video Cycling DVDs, and as well as having a pretty route to focus your attention on, you can make it as hard as you like.

    I reckon if I were still bashing away at 2x20s, I would be completely insane by now.

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  • I hate training! Winning I like….well the idea of it anyway. I Have not raced on a bike yet, That is my target this year. I have played Table Tennis for GB in, so I occasionally won in that.
    I have no fitness now and have had too many beers so it looks like a long road ahead for me.
    I use a music stand and my heart rate is about 150 to 165….so I am fairly hard working.
  • BhimaBhima Posts: 2,145
    It's old races for me - watched Millar's epic breakaway in the 2009 TdF (stage 6) today while trying to do 2 hours at the highest steady speed possible (so pretty close to FTP).

    Really really painful, but seeing the pros going through all that pain is amazing motivation and reminds me of my goals. Nothing else would keep me going for so long. Trust me, i've tried all sorts.
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