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Dunk_911Dunk_911 Posts: 239
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Long story short is all of my biking mates have gone to uni and I am stuck here. I want to spend some more time on my MTB so I can justify a certain Commencal I'm after...

I have been biking for about 5 years, I take it quite seriously, I did about 2000 miles last year on my road bike in 4 different countries and about 700 miles on my MTB in 3 countries. So yeah, I am nuts about bikes! I am mainly into XC and trail centres. I am keen however to get a full susser and get aggressive! :D

I work full time in Derby so any riding will have to be at the weekend unless you have lights until the nights draw back. I am not too bothered if bike buddies are better or worse, guys or gals. But please bear in mind I have been doing biking for quite a long time so it wont all be canal tow-paths.... 8)

If you want to do some MTBing (or road biking), please send me a message or write below.




  • Dunk_911Dunk_911 Posts: 239
    Ah cheers. I think that may be what I was looking for.
  • Hey man,
    Im always happy to go for a ride. Im derby based so drop me a line when you are planning to go out next.
  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,783
    Hi Dunk, i'm in a very similar situation, almost all my friends have gone off to uni this year and i'm left resitting, which thankfully is over now :) but seeing as they very rarely come back its censored , i think last week i went out with a friend around carsington, and one of them comes back each weekend but spends his time sailing or visiting his gf :( who he still refuses to let his mates meet incase they humiliate him :twisted:

    he can only ride at really awkward times and doesn't really like mtbing, just road riding which with him gets a little tedious as all he does is rave about specialized tarmacs and fabien cancellara, i'm beginning to think hes gay :? ... but that wouldn't necessarily be bad as he wouldn't have to spend so much time with his gf but anyway thats another story

    anyway im fairly local to you, live in burton, willing to go mtbing :) or on roads as i recently acquired a rather nice road bike
  • im not from you area im from chester.
    he can only ride at really awkward times and doesn't really like mtbing, just road riding which with him gets a little tedious as all he does is rave about specialized tarmacs and fabien cancellara, i'm beginning to think hes gay Confused ... but that wouldn't necessarily be bad as he wouldn't have to spend so much time with his gf but anyway thats another story
    that is an epic paragraph, seriously funny stuff, i have a friand exactly the same minus the gf . . . . . . . .so even more reason for him to be gay :?
  • scootyscooty Posts: 15
    Hi, Derby Mercury also have a group which meet at the John Thompson pub (midway between Derby & Burton, nr. the Crewe & Harpur) every Monday at 6:30pm.

    They go for about 1-1.5hrs then a pint or two after, decent bunch and not at all too serious. Wide range of abilities etc, they tend to get around 10 - 15 every monday and there are generally always new comers so you never feel out of place if it's your first week.

    Prob best checking their website (google Derby Mercury) to check I am up to date on meeting times etc but I live in Derby and work in Burton and it works a bit better for me than DVATC which is a bit further afield from Derby. Haven't been for a couple of months due to the weather but they were telling me that they meet every week regardless of the weather. I winter they just put the lights on but still go off road - you would be surprised how many trails they have found out that way. I will be returning to ride with them each monday from next week and also gonna try and convince my mate to come who has only had a bike for a couple of months.
  • I live in Doveridge and ride Carsington / Cannock Chase / Tissington / Llandegla on a regular basis. Intermediate level. Can do week nights (just invested in some Hope Vision 4's - Awesome!) Ride a mountain bike, but will do road riding providing not on busy roads. Drop me a txt or call 07812 066940 :)
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  • I used to do the Monday night ride from the John Thompson before I moved away last summer. Was always a good ride with plenty of bridleways and trails in the area to mix the ride up with every week. Plus the JT's own brew afterwards always went down well!

    As mentioned, rides are every Monday except Bank Holidays.

    Also (hopefully I won't get banned for mentioning this :lol: ), there are several Derby/Burton locals on I originally posted on there when I first moved to Derby and quickly made some good biking buddies so there are a few decent people round who should be able to hook up rides.
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  • Dunk_911Dunk_911 Posts: 239
    Hi there. Im sorry. I though given the thread had done nothing for a few weeks that it would be forgotten but i see it has returned!

    Ouch that hurts; Dude, We already go biking together you nut. And yes agreed, our friend probably is (albeit subconsciously) ludicrously ghey. Afterall he was only all to keen to get the lycra out if I remember!!!

    Scooty; I didnt realise derby mercury had a MTB group, they are sounding like quite a good club to me!

    Wilburnator; Ill send you a text! cannock can be good fun after work!

    Orena 45; cheers for the info. I had never heard of singletrack world.! Ill be sure to check it out.
  • I'm in Derby and will be looking at joining a group ride once I've got my fitness back up. I currently ride at Cannock on the odd weekend or on the roads on my Focus.
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  • triptrip Posts: 64
    I'm based in uttoxeter. Usually go for rides around cannock chase but want to get into the peaks a bit more this year. Ill be happy to meet up for a ride, only problem is i work shifts and usually work the weekends.
  • Dunk_911Dunk_911 Posts: 239
    Hi, Splodge and trip.

    Cheers for giving me a shout.

    I am In The US on business for the next few weeks but I will be free to go biking when I return if thats OK.
  • Anyone on here up for a ride soon? I'm new to the forum and posted on here looking for a few people to get out and ride with (I live in Derby). Trail centres/Dark or White Peak. Anything really - it would be good to learn some new trails/routes.

  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,783
    I'm up for a ride soon, although I'm not going to be around for 2 weeks :roll: but after tha i'm up for some riding, some quite nice stuff around ticknall way, and i really need to get over to cannock soon as well, new trails open on 17th april :wink:

    also saw a nice route on singletrackworld (toughish route), i like it seein as its only 2 minutes ride away from me :lol: ... -midlands/

    but yeah i'll message you when i'm back
  • Hi ouch,

    Yes i'm fairly familiar with Ticknall. I've gone through Robin Wood and round there a few times (if I have got that area right?) I usually park near a pub there (name evades me) I'd be up for any of those routes (the hardest one looks good). PM me when you are back in a few weeks if you are up for a ride. I reckon Cannock will be very busy once the new section opens up for a while.

    BTW where are you based?

  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,783
    I'm based in burton, but ride anywhere, i'm mates with dunk_911 and he's based up near carsington somewhere, so i go up there quite a bit too, nice area to ride.

    yeah you're right about cannock, it will be busy initially but after that it will calm down :wink:
  • Is there any good riding round Carsington? I know you've got the reservoir, but I have never been up there.

    Apart from taking my young lad for a scoot up to the rez and Middleton top.
  • Dunk_911Dunk_911 Posts: 239

    get jim to take you on the skillz loop ;)

    I would offer but im in the US at the moment. soz.
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