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New years eve

Frank the tankFrank the tank Posts: 6,806
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What are your plans?

Stopping in for a quite one, going out on the lash, fancy dress, romantic evening with the partner? Come on let's be knowing.

I'll be going round to my lads for a do then after the chimes me and the Mrs will be driving to the local to see our daughter who'll be graffting behind the bar, Therefore I'll be partying but not drinking.

I will have a few on New years day at the footie though. :wink:

Happy new year to you all. :D
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  • Smokin JoeSmokin Joe Posts: 5,669
    I hate it and find it depressing.

    Everyone getting deranged because the date is changing. It does that every night.
  • NWLondonerNWLondoner Posts: 2,047

    New Year is a HUGE waste of time.

    I'm planning to get an early night then be out at 6.30am for my first ride of 2010 8)

    May as well get my first point on the 2010 Metric Century challenge board :wink:
  • GazzaputtGazzaputt Posts: 3,918
    Romantic evening with the missus. Nice meal and wine and plan baby no2 for 2010.
  • jc4labjc4lab Posts: 1,055
    My local comedy club in Manchester usually costs £10 on Thursdays but £40 for new years the night..The rip off price was started off by the millineium celebration and looks here to stay..Was thinking of Edinburgh this year but hostels are 4 days min stay at £45 per night Is it worth it?.Anyone ever seen New year in edinburgh and recommend it??
  • Not a massive fan of drinking anyway, so I won't be joining my friends in some overpriced rip off establishment. I like a quiet drink, not getting ripped off standing up in an overcrowded bar.

    Also means if the weather is better I can ride Friday morning.
  • 80's night round ours,

    power ballads on singstar

    babycham in the fridge

    lots of adults and kids acting like merry fools
  • mkirbymkirby Posts: 388
    Tv and board games for us
  • RoscobobRoscobob Posts: 344
    Hogmanay party for moi.

    If you think it's over-rated you obviously don't do it right down there :lol:
  • freehubfreehub Posts: 1,447
    40mile bike ride.
  • prawnyprawny Posts: 5,390
    Singstar for me and the wife too.

    She's 36 weeks pregnant though, so I'll be getting pissed up doing my best morrisey impression while she scowls :D
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  • pneumaticpneumatic Posts: 1,989
    Over the years, I've done it all ways (ahem! :oops: ).

    Edinburgh is fun for the young; Staying in with the family can be very pleasant (or very boring); meal out passes the time but often involves forced jollity; Rome was good - they throw crockery out of the windows :shock: ; New Year in a ski resort is usually good fun, too. I once chose to spend it on my own (baby asleep next door). I just sat by the fire with a whisky. That was nice.

    The best ones I have had have been just wandering around my village after midnight going in to neighbours for a dram and a chat.

    This year we are going for a meal with good friends; I'm too old for the all nighters, now.

    Thing is, you cannot guarantee that it will be good; it will either happen or not happen.

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  • mingmongmingmong Posts: 613
    Looks like a night around at my bessie mate's house. Everyone packed into the same house, food, wine, joviality, "old long since" etc.

    Then up in the morning for a cruel 10 miler in the sludge on the mtb with a call off here and there to said hostelry en route.

    Tradition see.

    HNY to the OP and everyone else.
  • For me the plan is start off in the local after working all day. THen pub crawl it back to a friend's house for the night. Beginning the alcohol ban in the morning (after waking up) in preparation for the club training camp.

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  • teticioteticio Posts: 107
    10k running race with 30,000 others at 6pm then dinner at home with family, the 12 grapes with the dongs of the bell at midnight and then... best not to make plans and go with the flow. but i doubt it'll be "large" - its the most expensive and complicated night to go out of the whole year.
  • nicensleazynicensleazy Posts: 2,310
    Staying in with the family :D
  • Hopefully a quiet night in but 1st baby is already 3 days late - so it could be a new year at hospital!
  • RoscobobRoscobob Posts: 344
    neiljohn wrote:
    Hopefully a quiet night in but 1st baby is already 3 days late - so it could be a new year at hospital!
    Hope all goes well mate. Sounds like I'll get more sleep than you this NYE :twisted:
  • DiogenesDiogenes Posts: 1,628
    My days of painting the town red are over, I take too long to recover.

    Quiet night, slippers, bottle of wine, knock up somehting very unhealthy to eat and then plan how I am going to drop half a stone in January.

    D :D
  • At work 7am new years day so quiet one with the family dim sum, nibbles and wii games galore no doubt.
  • 18921892 Posts: 1,592
    Quiet 1 in with family, running low on funds, out with my mates next saturday as some are working
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  • pb21pb21 Posts: 2,168
    House party with friends before hitting the town 8)

    Seems like most of you are too old :wink:
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 28,799
    3 couples, 6 kids, 2 dogs, wine, beer and shampoo. Fried chicken, pizza and loud music. 4 am bed. Nurofen.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 28,799
    Night shift.
  • Working in the cab

    prob 8am finish and a monkey, sorted

  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 8,640
    Sweet F.A.
  • bagpusscpbagpusscp Posts: 2,907
    Swingers party :shock:
  • pneumaticpneumatic Posts: 1,989
    bagpusscp wrote:
    Swingers party :shock:

    That puts a different slant on "up all night" :oops:

    Fast and Bulbous
    Eddingtons: 80 (Metric); 60 (Imperial)

  • NuggsNuggs Posts: 1,804
    We have my brother-in-law and his fiance coming over for dinner. NYE is without doubt the most over-hyped night of the year, so we'll keep it low key and kick them out at 12.01am! :D
    mkirby wrote:
    Tv and bored games for us
    Corrected that for you! :wink:
  • Barrie_GBarrie_G Posts: 479
    I'm going to sit in front of the computer and purchase the rest of the bits I need for my enigma ego mtb build :D

    I need to leave it til then to ensure that they will go onto Feb's cc bill as I've already got nearly 2k's worth to pay for in January :shock:
  • TommyEssTommyEss Posts: 1,855
    Been invited to a friend's party round their house - seems a lot simpler than trying to trek on into London to catch up with my old uni mates, so I guess I'll be doing that.

    Might try a blast down at Swinley the next day...!
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