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which gear and chainring

trav1502trav1502 Posts: 21

total novice here. just bought myself a turbo because weather is uber pants this time of the year and i want to keep my training up for the winter.
Basically i would like to know what gear and chainring i should be using on a turbo? ive got an allez triple. also whats the 'normal' cadence i should be aiming for?

i would be thankful for any replies(you can answer as if ive never seen a turbo before, which in fact i haven't, its still on the way in the post!)



  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    It really depends.

    Some turbos have resistance - so you can control how hard it is that way.

    Or you can set it at an 'easy' level and spin through the gears depending on the type of workout you are doing.

    A 20 minute interval gearing will be different than an hour at endurance pace, etc.

    Best advice is to just do what feels comfortable to you. No point me telling you to do a 53-14 at 80RPM if you don't feel good that way.

    There are no set rules for these things. You'll work it out as you go along. If it's too easy - change gear. Too hard? You get the idea.
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