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Sportstracks + Edge 705

TornadoTomTornadoTom Posts: 129
I've recently started using Sportstracks, and have been using the data from my Garmin Edge 705.

However it includes the stopped time when calculating the average speed, so the average speed is way out on rides such as club runs where there are a few stops. I have the autopause setup on the 705 which provides the correct average speed.

I have downloads the "MiscPlugin" for Sportstracks but my average is still not matching that on the 705.

Has anyone solved this problem?



  • GavHGavH Posts: 933
    Go to Settings and then Analysis and make sure the two appropriate boxes aren't checked. On the Daily activity page, also have a look at the two options next to the word 'Data' under the Summary. 'Use calculated values' and 'use manually entered values' tend to be very slightly different for me.
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