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La Marmotte 2010 entries open 15 Dec2009

Online sign-up at will be available from Tues 15th Dec 2009 - and, as a general rule, the earlier you sign up, the lower race number you will be given.

We have put some instructions up on our blog as the website isn't the easiest out there to be honest....

Happy training. See you all on the Galibier.....

Guy & Helyn


  • thanks Guy and Helen - much appreciated! I was only trying to make sense of their website before seeing your post!
  • SJO76SJO76 Posts: 86
    Cheers there website is very confusing.

    With regards to the medical certificate do you need that in order to complete the registration process or do they only need to see it post registration?

    I don't have one completed yet and it would be annoying to miss out on the ride if I can't get it done in time.
  • arlo_marlo_m Posts: 24
    Just entered – I think!

    Not had an email confirmation yet, does anybody have any clues about how they let you know you're a goer?

  • SJO76

    In theory, you do need to send a copy of your medical certificate up front, I am afraid. But you have a short grace period as you can sign up online first, then get your ID number once registered. Then, source your certificate, scan/copy it and send in on to either:

    Post: Top Club, BP 24025, 69615 Villeurbanne, CEDEX France
    Email: [email protected]

    The sportcommunication website is moving pretty slowly today under the sheer weight of traffic.

    Guy & Helyn
  • arlo_marlo_m Posts: 24
    Thanks Guy & Helyn, will they email me with the ID number?

  • SJO76SJO76 Posts: 86
    I have registered with any luck. Although I did annoyingly mistype my email address so I have mailed them about that.

    I have an appointment booked with the GP tomorrow for my examination/certificate.
  • morxymorxy Posts: 114
    Wow. the registration site is pretty awful! Isn't easy unless you know some French. How the hell do I choose my Racing Licence? I have a normal BCF Racing Licence. Which one of these should I choose?:

  • choose "étrangère". Means "foreign".
  • Just entered - can't wait!
  • morxymorxy Posts: 114
    choose "étrangère". Means "foreign".

    Thanks. I typed etrangere into Babel Fish but it didn't recognize it. Should've copied and pasted those accents :)
  • arlo_m

    You can check online if you are registered at the following page: ... =2&choix=4

    by putting in the first 3 characters of your christian name and surname.

    Guy & Helyn
  • arlo_marlo_m Posts: 24
    That's worrying then... It's drawing a blank!
  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
    Just wait a week or two. Every year their crappy website gets overwhelmed but usually you will get a confirmation within 10 days. You'd think they'd fix the site but people say they tend to wing it.

    Look on the bright side, this is a doddle compared to entering the Etape.
  • arlo_marlo_m Posts: 24
    Will do. Needless to say a friend I'm riding with registered after me and his name is on the list!
  • arlo_marlo_m Posts: 24
    One last quick question on this – has anyone found themselves yet?
  • SJO76SJO76 Posts: 86
    Nope i haven't. This just feels so hit and miss.
  • SJO76SJO76 Posts: 86
    Hmm I haven't mailed in my certificate yet (as I only get it tonight). Do you only get entered when they have that?
  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
    No, you can flash them a copy of the certificate the day before the ride, or just send a copy in the post any time between now and July. As you can see, the website isn't exactly slick and in the same way, they are not exactly strict on the paperwork.

    Everyone should get their start number next week.
  • itchitch Posts: 35
    Does anybody know if you still have to supply a medical certificate even if you have a full BCF racing licence?

  • Do I remember correctly that there is a restricted entry this year?

    I was hoping to wait until March/April to gauge my form before entering. Is that going to work, or will it sell out before then?
  • genkigenki Posts: 305
    I got my start number with a confirmation email today. No. 612, but they've kept me in the 30-39 age group even though I turn 40 in Feb. Those extra minutes might be needed next year...
  • @itch,

    no; if you have a racing licence, you do not need a medical certificate.

    Guy & Helyn
  • richaricha Posts: 1,631
    genki wrote:
    I got my start number with a confirmation email today. No. 612, but they've kept me in the 30-39 age group even though I turn 40 in Feb. Those extra minutes might be needed next year...
    Is your DOB correct? Drop them an email in the NY. Sure they will adjust appropriately it is worth 26minutes for Gold (8:49 to 9:15).
  • This guy's personal account of La Marmotte is a great read:
  • FJSFJS Posts: 4,820
    This guy's personal account of La Marmotte is a great read:

    Good read, although the citations from Poe are a bit over dramatic.
    And interesting to read Laurens ten Dam won that Marmotte in 2003 - 20th in the Tour de France last year ... derid=1188 ... a bit different from the UK-'this is not a race'-sportives
  • ajb72ajb72 Posts: 1,178
    This guy's personal account of La Marmotte is a great read:

    That is an awesome article, inspiring and scary for a sportive newbie like me!

    I hope to ride one of the bid sportives in 2011, we'll see how 2010 goes first
  • Yep, was interested to read that Ten Dam won La Marmotte that year. What a talent.

    Bits of that article are excellent. The idea of him climbing the Alpe almost hallucinating with tiredness and pain to the sound of Ravel's Bolero is just great! Complete madness.
  • arlo_marlo_m Posts: 24
    Just had confirmation email from grand Trophee! I'm made up and see you all on the the galinier next July.
  • brucey72brucey72 Posts: 1,086
    I'm in too but having a bit of a problem with accomadation. There are 3 of us driving down and incorporating the event into a 2 week cycling holiday. Last year we stayed in Bourg D'Oisans but it seems that all the hotels are already booked up!!

    We'll be camping the rest of the time but I fancy a proper bed for the weekend of the event.

    What's it like staying in Alp D'Huez?
  • I stayed in Alpe d' Huez last year and enjoyed it. It was much cooler than Bourg. It was not too busy either although the better restaurants booked up quickly. It may be academic anyway as I can't see that there is anywhere available there for next year's Marmotte in any case.
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