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Keeping in Zones

magliacelestemagliaceleste Posts: 748
I've got got a loop that I use for doing short training rides in the winter such as 2 x 20. The problem is that it is always up or down enough to cause constant out of zone (power too high/low) messages on the Garmin.

As a result I tend to just set a range to 85% of my FTP through to 999 watts and go an do 2 x 20 ride pretty much as hard as I can. Then I only need to worry about staying over the minimum.

What are the effects of doing this with regard to development?


  • If your Normalised Power* for the session is about the same as it would have been for a more evenly paced efforts, then probably not a lot of difference, provided the efforts are not wildly variable. Of course you can always work on ways to even out pacing of effort, even on quite variable terrain, as that may help with pacing in TTs.

    However it is harder to assess progress when you can't do a relatively steady state effort.

    * that assumes your NP is not from Garmin data using "smart recording"
  • Thanks Alex.
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