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Aching Arms!

jordanweeksjordanweeks Posts: 13

I am doing a lot of cycling in my home county of cornwall, attacking most of the biggest hills i can find. However, in an attempt to improve leg strength, I have tried staying in the saddle as long as possible before jumping out and hammering down.

The problem I am being faced with at the moment, is that my legs cope fine with this, and its my neck and arms/shoulders that really start to feel tired and ach on climbs...

I was hoping that someone can point me in the direction of what i can do to prevent this? Any specific cross training exercises, free weights, swimming, press ups etc.

Thanks in advance.


  • BhimaBhima Posts: 2,145
    Just keep riding your bike. You're using your arms in a way they've never been used before, so they're just telling you that they're a bit weak. It'll soon disappear.

    If you're out of the saddle, you can reduce the load on your arms by going down a gear so you're going at a higher cadence. If you're on a massive gear, the pedal forces are really high, so your arms need to push harder to control the bike and keep it stable.
  • Sounds like your bars may be too low. try flipping your stem. also might be worth trying different positions on the bars when climbing.
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  • relax, you almost certainly just tensing your upper body too much.
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