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What training planner / diary do you use??

KirkyKirky Posts: 459
Sorry, sure this is a question that's been done to death on these pages (!!) but I need to get myself sorted and on the move for 2010 - I know I'm already way behind where I wanted to be!! One thing I want to do is get / set-up a decent PC based training planner / diary to track my progress.

Might not sound like the hardest thing in the world, but I'm a bit of a 'planner'. I like to get thoughts down on paper, plan my training on a monthly basis, include monthly targets etc and then round-up at the end of the month. As well as (ideally) being able to write additional notes on individual training sessions / days etc. I think my best ever season was when I used a paper based diary to write it all down - but then it was all a bit of a pain to write in details / data from the ride I did, and the monthly planning was then done seperately!! I'd really like to bring it all together into one package.

Would be interested to know what people use and its benefits / drawbacks. Kit wise, I've got a Garmin 705 edge - so if I can download data from it on a daily basis it would make life easier. I don't currently train using power (can't justify the expense) but do use a HRM.


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