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Time to think about getting a coach

bahzobbahzob Posts: 2,195
Given there's already been a few posts about what to do over winter and how to train for events next year etc. I just thought I'd offer a personal view.

If you havent already done it now is probably the best time to think about using the services of a professional coach. It gives plenty of opportunity to discuss the coming year, set realistic goals and give yourself the best possible chance of hitting them.

On top of this you'll end up with a very good understanding of training that will serve you well in years to come. Importantly this will take account of your own personal specifics, something which forums like this find it very hard to do.

Regards cost IMO in terms of value for money its probably the best investment that anyone serious about cycling can make. A years training can be had for less than the price of most "go faster" bits of bling and, unlike them, is pretty much guaranteed to make you ride better.

(FWIW I speak not as a coach but someone who rode pretty well being self coached but is way better off having got some professional advice).
Martin S. Newbury RC


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