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starving hungry munchies

boyoonabikeboyoonabike Posts: 29
I couldn't afford to get a lighter bike than my Scott Speedster 30. So I decided I could lighten the load by 14lbs at least - and did so. I've been training 2-3 days a week with a mix of short 1 hour trips, turbo sessions and longer runs and this weekend broke 60 miles averaging 18 - 20 MPH and been riding for about 5 -6 weeks.

The problem is my sore muscles are nothing compared to the screaming hungry, munchies I've been getting.

I'm trying supplements from Maximuscle to bulk up my protein but why is this happening and what else can I do about it? I wont to get to down to 12st - I am now down to 12st 4lbs. I am 5'8" and 38. under 12st would be good as I am way within my BMI.

Does my body really need that much more fuel now?


  • Si CSi C Posts: 130
    I certainly don't have an answer...but I'm suffering from the same problem.

    I've been following Pete Read's 'Black book' since the start of October. 3 x 1 hour turbo sessions, a 3.5 road ride and a 2 hour road ride each week. My appetite has shot through the roof. I'm eating quiet decent size meals and find myself constantly 'grazing'

    I try to avoid too much censored ...fav snack is a rice cake drizzled with honey and a handful of raisins.

    One good thing is I don't have a weight issue. I'm up maybe 4/5lbs on my summer weight.
  • eat constantly but healthily, it is quite hard to find the balance between training really hard and eating!
  • Where did you get that training method - does it have anything on necessary calorie intake?
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