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Training DVDs with Turbo

boyoonabikeboyoonabike Posts: 29

How do the DVDs work with turbo trainers? Are they universal, do I need any more kit other than TV, DVD and of course bike and turbo?


  • I'll take the risk of assuming you know nothing

    Some of them require an expensive turbo that connects via a PC where the resistance is automatically controlled - Tacx Real Live Video (RLV) as an example. On these the film matches your bike speed.

    I got a DVD from a company called ChaseK (via ebay) which only uses a standard DVD player. You get a resistance setting on the screen to set your turbo to. The DVD though can't match your speed though to be honest I don't really notice. It does make the session more interesting.
  • ur right I know nothing about these DVDs - I have a pretty basic Cyclops Mag+ so the basic version will have to do, I suppose I could just get a race DVD and pretend too!!
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    Watch dirty DVDs instead, much more entertaining. :wink:
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