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Bare Ally or Painted??

cheeheecheehee Posts: 427
edited October 2009 in Workshop
I was gonna be painting my BeOne plain white.


I like it but have always found the paint job a bit 'busy'.

So I stripped the frame down with a view to paint it, but once down to the metal I thought it would look good as is.


I'd probably paint the fork plain black if I left it bare.

What do you reckon??


  • Slow DowncpSlow Downcp Posts: 3,041
    Plain Alu won't stay plain Alu for long - it will oxidise at an alarming rate unless lacquered at least (apologies if this is what you meant by bare).

    I'd go with white rather than alu.
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  • nickwillnickwill Posts: 2,735
    Aluminium doesn't rust, but 'oxidises' just as much. You wouldn't ride an unpainted steel frame, so the same rule applies!
  • AidanRAidanR Posts: 1,142
    You could get it annodised... no idea how much that'd cost though.
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  • andypandyp Posts: 8,846
    It won't oxidise that quickly and a quick going over with wire wool will take any a oxidisation off in no time. I know a couple of people who ride polished aluminium frames that haven't been clearcoated and they look mint still.
  • markos1963markos1963 Posts: 3,724
    Why not get some polishing mops and loads of autosol and buff it up to a mirror finish, you could then blind other riders on a sunny day and make that break stick to the cake stop :lol:
  • cheeheecheehee Posts: 427
    HHmmnn I'm quite tempted to leave it plain/bare/unpainted for now.

    I can always paint it white at a later date............
  • cheeheecheehee Posts: 427
    Changed my mind :roll:

    I'm gonna stick to my original plan of white. I think i'll get it powder coated though instead of spraying it.

  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I think you should send it to Atlantic Boulvard and get it painted in the 'Merckx' Colnage colour scheme.
  • cheeheecheehee Posts: 427
    NapoleonD wrote:
    I think you should send it to Atlantic Boulvard and get it painted in the 'Merckx' Colnage colour scheme.

    Like this....................................??

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