Kirk Precision Frame Advice

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Hi guys

I'm over from the MTB forum for some advice on what to do with a frame that's been in my dads loft for the last 20 years or so.

If i had the funds i'd like to build it up myself but it'll most likely go on ebay.

Has a few scrapes but seems sound with no cracks i can see. More pics on photobucket.



big pic here ... CF0124.jpg


  • RealMan
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    Sell it.
  • nfrang
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    RealMan wrote:
    Sell it.

    Thanks Realman...was hoping for a little more insight as to ebay, Classifieds on here or wherever.

    Or whether it'd be better as an ongoing project for me?
  • lae
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    I have no idea of worth, but if you're tempted by some road action, then it'd make a really interesting base! Personally I'd keep it but I'm into 'things' and that frame is about as 'thingy' as you can get!
  • bagpusscp
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    A design classic.Seen on tomorrows world when it was rolled out.I also own a Kirk {road frame} .
    I can photocopy my catalogue if you would like a copy .
    History link here.
  • redvee
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    bagpusscp wrote:
    A design classic.Seen on tomorrows world when it was rolled out.

    With some fool driving a Range Rover over the frame :shock:
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  • fizz
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    I have one. They arent the best of frames compared to a modern bike, but they look quirky and different.

    Most common place IIRC for cracks is and around the bottom bracket area.

    As for value, I have no idea, they seem to go for varying prices on ebay.

    As for what to do with it, thats up to you. I keep saying I am going to rebuild mine, but I still havent got round to it, on the other hand I cant bear to part with it.
  • Interesting, have you had a look at
    There are a few threads there on Kirks and a 'How much is it worth?' section.
    If you decide to rebuild it, retrobike is also a good place to pick up hard to find original bits.
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  • bagpusscp
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    About 18 months 2 years ago, Frank Kirks daughter, post on this group asking if anyone remebered the bicycle her father designed. :)
  • I keep thinking of doing something with my Kirk MTB frame.

    Probably best to use it as artistic wall hanging
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  • lae
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    Magnesium eh? I think you should throw it onto the bonfire and see what happens!

    This frame gets more and more interesting. I might be interesting in buying it if you're thinking of selling, actually.