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New shoes... Cant get used to them!

birdy247birdy247 Posts: 454
I got a pair of the s works specialized shoes. I have now tried to cycle with them on two occasions and I really cant get used to them.

Here is what is going on:
- Left Calf gets very tight to the point where i simply cant pedal any more
- My right knee which I have had previous troubles is irritated
- My left foot cramps up when I put some power down

My previous shoes were the cheap spezialized ones with SPD cleats. I sometimes got a sligt cramp in my left foot, but on the most part i never had any issues.

I have tried adjusting the following:
- Seat height
- Cleat position (moved it all the way back), my feet sit at the same angles as with my old shoes.
- I have loosened the tension right off on the pedals

Nothing seems to work, and I am a little annoyed considering the cost of these. Could anyone give me some ideas on what to try??



  • obvious first thing is cleat position; why "all the way back"? Maybe adjust the cleat so that the centreline of the ball of your foot is directly over the pedal spindle.

    Otherwise you could try the cyclefit type thing of footbeds and wedges to sort out any pronation...

  • hopper1hopper1 Posts: 4,708

    I wouldn't be blaming the shoe...
    Different models fit differently, so are these the right size for you?
    You certainly seem to have an issue with sizing, or seat height, to me...
    Start with a budget, finish with a mortgage!
  • brucey72brucey72 Posts: 1,086
    I had a similar problem when I first got mine after moving from a cheaper specialised road shoe. Check the cleat positions as has already been suggested and don't rely on the position of the cleats on your other shoes........I actually had to move my cleats slightly further forward and slightly off centre on the S Works as opposed to the position on my other shoes. They do seem to be a bit narrower though so I suppose a lot will dependon the shape of your foot as my mate tried mine on and although he also a size 9 couldn't get his foot in properly
  • Look at the bottom of the shoe where the cleat attaches. Some of the more expensive Specialized shoes have a built in varus wedge. This tilts the fore-foot (big toe up) and suits most but not all people. If you are not sure, place both pairs of shoes on aflat surface and look at them from the front.

    If they are wedged, and they don't suit you, you may be able to correct it with a valgus wegde in the shoe. These are the dark grey wedges that come with the Specialized insoles or are sold spearately.

    Mike at
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