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Unpainted Bike Pool on flickr

NervexProfNervexProf Posts: 4,202
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A fascinating array of steel, unpainted frames here: ... 991831013/

The slideshow is rather lengthy, but having seen the likes of Chas Roberts and Harry Quinn at work close up I was wholly absorbed.

Your views?
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  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    Wow! Incredible workmanship.
  • I love the look of unpainted frames, just a good thick layer of clear lacquer to protect the steel. Especially if they leave the discolouration from the welding....gurgles quitely to self... :?
    jedster wrote:
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  • laelae Posts: 555
    ^ I'm tempted to do this to my vintage Coventry Eagle (it's going to be painted gunmetal anyway...)

    Problem is - if you get a little chip in the lacquer, it's almost impossible to repair invisibly, especially if it has started rusting and lifted an area of lacquer off. With a painted and lacquered frame you can hide repairs with some blending but it just doesn't work on a bare frame. If potentially having a few 'slightly' visible repairs doesn't bother you though (and it doesn't bother me) then it's a really brilliant look.

    Same problems with polished aluminium - as lacquer doesn't stick to polished aluminium I tend to leave it bare and use a good quality car wax to keep it shinier for longer. You do have to re-polish it by hand every now and then but it's easier than sanding off all the lacquer and redoing it every time it starts looking a bit tatty...

    The Delorian car had a brushed stainless steel bodyshell - the main problem it had was that you couldn't use filler to smooth dents out - once it was dented or deeply scratched you had to live with it or get a new panel!

    Really nice slideshow btw.

    (PS - Has anyone got the link to the page where you work out your FCN? I had it once, worked it out and then forgot it and can't find it again!)
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