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Anyone near Wincanton Sherborne Gillingham Yeovil region?

KonaKurtKonaKurt Posts: 720
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Just wondering if there are any riders (of any ability) in the Wincanton - Sherborne - Yeovil - Gillingham - Milborne Port areas?? I may be moving there soon. Either on or off road riding.



  • Hi KonaKurt

    I live near to Yeovil and tend to ride around the Yeovil / Ham Hill / Local villages area.

    I've very new to riding and would say my riding style is 'just for fun' - XC type stuff really.

    If you do move down our way, feel free to PM me if you fancy coming out for a ride with us.

  • KonaKurtKonaKurt Posts: 720
    OK shaun, sounds good! I not new to riding, but getting a bit lazy with age! Sounds great, I will bear you in mind :)

  • KonaKurtKonaKurt Posts: 720
    I might extend this region to as far as Dorchaster or Crewkerne/Chard. Anyone out there? Or is this part of the country not interested in cycling at all?

  • Hi KK and Shaun,
    I live in Yeovil, I try to get out when I can , riding off road around this area is a bit limited. Don't have a road bike so, I ride off road mixed with road to get to trails/tracks. Puddletown forest isn't to bad, Quantocks are definetly worth a trip. PM me if either of you want to meet up for a ride.
  • HMPHMP Posts: 4
    Hello. I live in London but visit my father near Wincanton and am keen to ride when I'm down, mostly cross-country. Are any of your planning trips over Christmas? Thanks.
  • KonaKurtKonaKurt Posts: 720
    Sorry to reopen an old post (!) but just wondering if anyone else is in this region, looking for easy fun riding, and nothing too difficult...?

  • Hi kona Kurt
    I have recently moved to yeovil from cambridge although im originally from banbury oxfordshire.
    I ike to think my level is ok, i have been to wales and survived so that must count for something. I am also looking for people to ride with in yeovil on a regular basis.
    Ham hill has some good looking bits but ive only looked not tried yet.
    There is a regular ride out from the rock and road cycling shop on a tuesday and thursday evening, the shop is on the lynx industrial estate, there is also a huge cyclng shop at the other end of town with seemingly friendly people. it was originally for triathlon but it has an ok offroad part too.
    The last issue of mountain bike uk had an article about finding new routes with an o/s map and the one they used was yeovil and frome so im sure theres ace stuff to explore.

    Let me know if you are interested in a ride out im available most weekends and evenings i have off road lights and just bought an o/s map.
    Look forward to hearing from you or anyone in this area that fancies a ride out off road stylee!!! cheers :lol:
  • Hello. I've been living just outside Yeovil for 10yrs, can show you around a little if you want.

    Puddletown is ok for a bit, Portland good if you fancy a drive that way, or obviously the Quantocks.
    I generally just do mooching around xc/mucking about stuff myself, ham hill's ok for what it is, but not great when it's wet & you have to be careful of walkers with dogs.

    Drop me an email if you want to sort something out sometime, there are a couple of other local lads on singletrackworld that are keen to start something - do a search on there for Yeovil and you should find the thread, it's about a month or two old.
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  • Hello! I live in Milborne Port so would be interested in any ride you guys plan!
  • anyone???
  • KonaKurtKonaKurt Posts: 720
    Hey! What a nice surprise to see evidence of life in this area :)
    Thanks to you all for saying hello :o)
    Kwakers, I know Banbury well :o)

    I'm busy for a week or two, but after that, I need to get back in shape (been off saddle for a few weeks now! Not good!)

    Watch this space!
    Age 36 and 1/2!
  • scarsscars Posts: 360
    Hey Kurt,

    Im just down in Taunton which is about 30 miles down the A303 from Yeovil but im more than happy to travel.. alternatively if you like your single track the Quantocks are just on my doorstep which is pretty decent for riding.

    My email is take_my_scars1984 at, drop me a email when you fancy going for a ride sometime

    Cheers :)

  • Hey Ian can I take you up on that invitation as well perhaps??
  • scarsscars Posts: 360
    Sounds good Oli :) where you based?
  • I am in Milborne Port, just the other side of Sherbore, which is the other side of yeovil, but im sure you know that. Will to travel anywhere though really no problem if there's somewhere interesting to ride!
  • scarsscars Posts: 360
    I know it but not too well... Thats cool im not particularly familiar with these parts yet but plan to discover some trails this neck of the woods once weve thawed out a bit... went for a ride yesterday up to Corfe and think ive "frozen my assets" so I think ill be leaving it a lil while :)
  • im in yeovilton and we have a few maps of local xc courses, think there are about 6 local circuits all doable by the average rider. Mere by wincanton is quite good, just ensure you know how to read a map. I rode it in dark and was pretty good at night. i'm up for getting out during the week, day or night., once bike is serviced, weekend bit more difficult as i go home to plymouth, and tend to ride dartmoor.
    On the servicing note anyone know where in yeovil would service GT bikes. back bearing is not to healthy.


    Chrissy o
  • scarsscars Posts: 360
    Hey Chris I work 4 days a week so midweek pending on day is good for me. Glad that it would suit the Average rider as ive bought my girlfriend a bike recently so could bring her along, also im having to take things careful after an operation on my leg (avoiding drops etc)

    Sorry dont know any GT dealers down here, nearest I know is Bristol :S
  • Chris, Rock & Road on the lynx trading estate (near Yeovil Motor Factors, sort of opposite the Magnet kitchen showrooms) should be able to help. The only GT shop is the halfords!
    Avoid TRI UK, grumpy s0ds in there much of the time...

    Feel free to PM me if anyone wants to sort something out - happy to travel a bit, just need to get some fitness back...
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  • scarsscars Posts: 360

    Feel free to PM me if anyone wants to sort something out - happy to travel a bit, just need to get some fitness back...

    Im with you on that mate, ive been off the bike properly for 12 months now so need to get my fitness back up to scratch
  • Im defintiely up for a ride any time!

    There's a good bike shop in Sherborne in the car park below the Somerfields car park - always friendly and reasonably priced.
  • scarsscars Posts: 360
    Looks like weve got a decent crew 8)

    If you all drop me your email addresses via PM ill try and get some kinda organisation in place. Then if you fancy a ride we can send a email to the group to see whos up for it

    Im guessing most of you guys are XC riders?
  • yo thanks for the info. need to check work programme as its changing all the time but sounds good to me. as for XC aslong as it has lots of down hill sections to get the blood pumping. tend to ride these types of areas, plym bridge (just outside plymouth), afan, QEP, exeter and a few circuits around Dartmoor,my email is [email protected] if anyone wants to try and get out here or if you are down plymouth way at anytime.[/url]
  • KonaKurtKonaKurt Posts: 720
    I think the Taunton direction is a bit too far for me, especialyl as I don't drive, but I'll have a think about rides nearer to Yeovil/Sherborne or Blackmore Vale..?

    I myself am only looking for easy rides for the moment, though, because I feel like a completely lost alien in this area at the moment, having just moved here! (that's alien as in stranger, not green man with stalks! lol). I'm unusually nervous actually about riding at all and I think I need to have a good wonder about alone first and get my bearings, but you guys should meet up :)


    PS: Anyone know any interesting rides around Gillingham or Wincanton?
  • KonaKurtKonaKurt Posts: 720
    By the way Oliver, I also recommend that bike shop in Sherborne (Too Tyred). Maybe not a huge range in stock, but the service is superb, and Mark who runs it is simply superb!

    KK in Milborne Port
    (where Crud Catchers are essential!)
  • KK you're in Milborne Port too?? Yeah I spoke to hi mthe other day and he says he's getting in some more MTB stuff, tryign to get stock up...was suggesting to me a Cove handjob frame. Nice guy
  • scarsscars Posts: 360
    Anyone up for riding tommorow??

    I have a day off so keen to stretch the legs a lil 8)
  • anyone riding tomorrow, Saturday??? I have no idea what there is to ride around here so would love to join a ride in the Dorset/Somerset/Devon area.
  • KonaKurtKonaKurt Posts: 720
    Oliver :o)
    How old are you, and what kind of riding are you thinking about exactly? There's not much around Milborne at all. PM me and let me know!

  • i'm just out side thornford slowly getting a series of routes together 20kish bridleways/ucrs that sort of thing

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