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Specialized BG Fit service

stooostooo Posts: 261
Anyone tried using Specialized BG Fit service form their pro dealers ?

I've been making numerous component changes to my bike recently, as well as upping my weekend ride mileage count quite a bit and I'm experiencing some niggly knee and back pain, particularly a pain in my medial (inner) hamstring ligament at the back of the knee. Thinking of going for the BG Fit service at Dales in Glasgow to check that everything on my bike is set optimally for me.

Wondered if anyone has any experience of this and what they thought of the service.



  • hi i had the bike fit done and its alot of money for what they do so i wouldnt recomend
  • doyler78doyler78 Posts: 1,951
    matt2gee wrote:
    hi i had the bike fit done and its alot of money for what they do so i wouldnt recomend

    Why did you get it done and did it do what you wanted? Seems a bit pointless to say something was expensive for what they done if the result was what you wanted and if it wasn't it would be helpful to explain why not? A bit more info please :wink:
  • Slow DowncpSlow Downcp Posts: 3,041
    Isn't the Specialized fit service £150 or something ridiculous? Possibly worth it if you have underlying problems (dodgy knees, feet etc), but if it's just to tune your position a decent bike shop will do it for a fraction of the cost. I had a fit done at Epic Cycles - 2 hours later and £50 lighter my bike felt completely different. Seemed odd at first but the difference once I'd adapted is better than any £50 upgrade would have bought.
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  • I went to dales for the BG-Fit in January and thought it was pretty good. I booked the session because of lower back pain throughout 2008 that just got worse as the season went on. This year has been much better and I've felt a lot more comfortable/efficient on the bike.

    They start off looking at your flexibility, posture, core strength and foot alignment and then move onto the bike starting with your saddle and moving down to cleat position. It was all very thorough but you may have to fork out more money depending on your needs. I bought a longer stem, some spacers & shoe shims to correct mis-alignment. I'm considering going back again this winter to get "dialled in" for my new racer.

    BikeRadar review of the service can be found here. ... stem-32154
  • hazychrishazychris Posts: 202
    I had a BG Fit done a year ago (had previously had a done a few years ago)... this last year has been totally pain-free.

    My left leg was found to be 1cm shorter than my right leg (discrepancy is not uncommon!) and mix of in-shoe shims, cleat positioning and the right supportive insole has removed my hot foot problem and has my knees travelling vertically (like pistons) for the first time.

    Also new bar / stem combination (compact bars) has lead to me being comfortable on the drops for long periods, and no stabbing pains between the shoulder-blades.

    £135 very well spent IMHO - much better than buying a blingy bit of kit for the bike.

    Used Sigma Sport for my BG Fit.

  • nanobladenanoblade Posts: 17
    I just had the BG Fit as I have been suffering from serious knee pain on my road bike. I know it's related to my setup because it's fine on static gym bikes, and I never had issues on my MTB with flat pedals. For £120 I would have expected a vast amount more than I got.

    The methodology is weak, I assumed from seeing videos online that they would use motion capture at least to dynamically monitor knee tracking etc. But no, just a piece of string.

    The only real change that was made was that some shims were put in one shoe, but this has made zero difference to my knee pain which doesn't allow me to ride for over an hour.

    So it's good for getting the bike set up fairly well, but they don't really seem to take cleat alignment, knee tracking or q-factor seriously enough and I will now probably have to go for another fit somewhere else which does this properly.
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