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Very different commute - San Francisco ride

DevUKDevUK Posts: 299
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Hey guys. I recently went on a 3 week holiday to the US and did a lot of traveling. I started in San Francisco, and on the second day my mate and I rented bikes and went off on a ride over the Golden Gate bridge! I thought I'd share a few pics :)

Riding along North Beach:


My mate posing:


The bikes were pretty censored to be honest. Basic Marin hard tails. Mine had a woman's saddle which sucked! We spent 20 minutes adjusting the handlebars/brake & gear levers etc with a multi-tool before setting off :lol:

On the bridge:


We rode into Sausalito, did touristy things and then carried on around Richardson Bay to catch the ferry back:


I think we did about 25 miles all in :) I managed to get sun burnt which sucked, but it set me up for the rest of the holiday :lol:
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  • cjcpcjcp Posts: 13,345
    Excellent! 8)

    How did you find riding across the Bridge itself? I thought it was a bit unnerving at times.
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  • I did this last January on a business trip. We halted at Sausalito though, and got the ferry back from there - an Israeli guy we were with was suffering quite badly after the eight or so miles we'd covered. Really is a great trip and I would recommend it to anyone.

    Some decent speeds descending into Sausalito too, even on a MTB.
  • DevUKDevUK Posts: 299
    Yeah, it was amazing. Riding over the bridge was OK, until you you go to lean on the railing to take photos. Then it hits you! Had a few moments of fright :lol:
    FCN Daily commute = 11
    FCN Fixie commute = 5
  • It was damn windy, well it felt it at the time, but then I hadn't cycled for many years before that point. :lol:
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