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Trek 4.5 c Madone 2009

robmurr2000robmurr2000 Posts: 166
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Hi,I am going to look at a trek 4.5 c Madone 2009 tomorrow. I was just looking to find some reviews beforehand but only found one on Google.Any opinions out there as to if this would be a good purchase for my first carbon frame bike? I was basically drawn to it because of the overall look,I like the blue and white. Up until now i have been riding a Carrera for a few years,but have been to a couple of sportives lately and although my trusty old friend done me proud,i feel it's time to upgrade.Any opinions/reviews would be greatly appreciated.


  • Bought exactly the same bike 2 weeks ago, for the same reasons as you. I think it's a beautiful looking bike.

    I'd suggest trying to get a deal on a brakes upgrade - my LBS switched the nonames for 105s for free.

    Great bike - very very comfortable over longer rides. Has taken a while to get the gears tuned correctly but I think I'm nearly there!
  • thanks mightyw,will take your advice should i buy the bike.
  • +1 themightyw. The brakes are censored and let down what is a really good bike.

    I suppose that it was a Trek marketing thing when competing with several other bikes all selling for £1600. The difference in cost of a 105 brake set over the no name variety could only have been minimal to Trek, but it has cost them several sales I'm sure, and it's often enough to just tip the balance when choosing a bike. I know that it's easy enough to get them replaced, but you usually have to pay extra. Not all bike shops will replace them free.

    I opted for a Cannondale Synapse carbon 105. The brakes are excellent, BTW. I did have a short list of carbon framed bikes, and one of the bikes was the Trek 4.5/4.7
  • Evil LaughEvil Laugh Posts: 1,412
    I really like the bike, I tried loads around, below and above its pricerange and the Madone and Cannondale Synapse were my favourites by a mile, felt much better than the rest on the road.

    I got the Synapse in the end but would be more than happy with the Madone.

    Only problem is they don't seem to get deals on them much and there will be better value bikes but if you like the look of it and don't mind paying the money it's a great bike.

    The Synapse is lovely isn't it legshaver? :wink:
  • thanks evil laugh and legshaver,i appreciate your comments and advice very much.Will give it a test ride but i think my heart is now set on it!! albeit changing the brakes!! to be honest (and it may be a psychological thing) i can't wait to feel how much faster it will be on a carbon frame bike.
  • It's a different world. I don't think that you'll regret it robmurr. I kept my trusty old 531 framed bike for winter training. If I can still push that along at at decent pace getting back onto the Synapse next year will be pure joy. :D

    Have fun.
  • Well,that's it,bought the bike.have to say that i was very impressed. The guy in the shop was very helpul,showed me all there is to know,i sat on the bike and he went through a proper bike fitting with me,although i will still have to do a few tweeks here and there after i put my pedals on and get out on it. Took it out for a test ride and couldn't believe how effortless it felt,and like you legshaver,after i pick it up tomorrow ( the mechanic doesn't work sundays),it will be used sparingly until next year,so the old bike will still be getting brought out.Thanks for all your opinions and advice.
  • All new bikes require posting up a pic of your pride & joy !

    It's the law don't ya know :wink:

    Congrats by the way, Enjoy.
  • Well since you insist! I'm sure NapD will pick me up on flouting some of his official laws though :cry:

  • Well that does look nice. I've a 2008 4.5 in boring graphite grey. I really like the blue and white.

    Glad you got the 105 brakes. I've still got the no-name ones but recently fitted Koolstop salmon blocks. Improves the braking and also hopefully I'll get a bit more life out of the rims as they seem softer.

  • WOW 8)

    Do love the colour combo, sweet!
  • Bike was reduced from £1600 to £1280,was the last one in my size,just had to snap it up!! Didn't get an upgrade on the brakes though,may do so in the future...funds are now slightly depleted!!
  • GarzGarz Posts: 1,155
    Sweet looking steed that mate!
  • Evil LaughEvil Laugh Posts: 1,412
    Much nicer than the new colours.

    Hope you enjoy mate, I'm sure you will, just a shame you didn't get out on it today.

    Doubt we'll have too many more nice weekends. :cry:
  • I know evil laugh,was gutted i couldn't take it away today as weather was great here in kent!! The shop insist that any bike they sell has to be checked thouroughly before it leaves the shop,and it was just mt luck that the mechanic has sundays off!! Will pick it up right after work tomorrow but i'm about a 45 min drive away so probably wont even be able to go out on it when i get home!!!
  • Yeah I love the colours. It's not too flash, but looks the business.

    Managed to get out on mine for quite a while today as was a great day here in Fife. It gets better each time I ride it, as I get more used to how to get the most out of it.

    Only thing I'm struggling with, coming from a triple to a compact, is sometimes getting caught out when changing to a low gear from highest gears (e.g braking hard for junction). Seem to never quite hit the change right at speed, and end up mashing the gears for a bit.

    Love attacking the hills!
  • mightyw,can i ask you where you got your white bottle cage from as i fancy putting them on mine when i get it. BTW where in fife are you? I'm originaly from methilhill but now in kent.
  • Evil LaughEvil Laugh Posts: 1,412
    They're the Bontrager cages about £6 from Evans.

    I've got a white one on mine want another but nowhere seems to have white right now.

    To be fair I've only been in Waterloo and Victoria Evans and had a quick look online.

    My synapse is blue/white too, I tried the 2 blue colours they also do and they looked censored . White all the way.
  • thanks for the info.yeah,i've been looking around online and i haven't seen many decent white ones.
  • Evil LaughEvil Laugh Posts: 1,412
    Well it says they're in stock now. It's a nice pearly white, will look great.
  • brilliant..just checked the link you posted,going to order a couple,thanks again mate.
  • The deal I did with my LBS was upgrade to 105 brakes front and rear, colour matched bottle cage and free service for a year.

    I feel slightly ashamed that I use SPDs with a bike like that - but I like to stroll around while doing a cycle and like a shoe that lets me do that. There are some great LOOK pedals that would looks even better than my crappy shimanos.
  • yeah,think i might get white keo pedals,do you have a speedtrap computer?
  • Anyone tell me how to put a picture in my posts,thanks.
  • I've asked a question before here if anyone has a speedtrap computer and does it work OK but it looks like they are rare since there was no response. Still interested to hear from anyone because it would be good to get rid of the externally mounted sensor.
  • Sorry, use a garmin here so haven't tried out the speedtrap setup.
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