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My schedule...any comments please..!

abr1966abr1966 Posts: 54
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So here's the question and id be really grateful for any comments etc..
I'm new back to cycling in my mid 40's having ridden a fair bit upto mid 20's. I need to lose weight initially whils also building stamina, conditioning etc.
I'm doing a scedule at the moment of
1 Hill ride
2 Speed/intervals
3 Distance

Does this sound reasonable or would i be better to ride say, a month of distance building before any of the others etc.
I'm reasonabley ok aerobic wise but after a couple of hours of any ride im pretty knacked etc

Thanks for any advice..


  • Takis61Takis61 Posts: 239
    Entirely up to you in terms of wht you are comfortable with, I like to get the miles in to build a base, not interested in intervals as I'm not doing races or TT's, like to do some hills 'cause climbing needs working on as it is a skill.
    You don't mention how long each ride is, or how often per week ?
    Why not do a hill & some intervals on a 2 hour ride, then work up to 3 hours ?
    My knees hurt !
  • how much weight are you targeting to lose?

    how hard are you riding on those two hour rides? maybe you are riding too fast and burning all your glycogen. maybe try going slower and longer, making sure you eat of course.
  • chill123 wrote:
    maybe you are riding too fast and burning all your glycogen.
    and what would be the problem with that?

    for the OP -
    suggest a few weeks of general riding to re-acclimatise to the bike and make sure you don't bring on any niggles etc that might keep you from enjoying the riding.

    gradually increase the workload and that includes upping the time spent riding as well as introducing harder efforts such as hills and intervals (especially if you enjoy doing that sort of work).

    train consistently, try for 4 rides per week minimum if you can. start with modest hours, e.g. 4 hours/week and add 15-min per week for 8 weeks.

    keep a good pressure on the pedals, especially on flats and descents, that's where many slack off.

    enjoy the riding, that's the main thing at this stage
  • Cheers for the replies..
    I'm reckoning i will lose 2 stone roughly and will be hoping to do some TT's next year with the local club.
    I'm tending to go at it fairly hard for the 2 hours on average that i'm out although on the longer rides ive done i have burned up on the glycogen without having any food with me! I've worked out that the longest ive done so far is about 35 miles but the difficult part of that was my censored etc on the saddle but my legs felt ok as i was steady on the pedals.

    I would love to get out more but have averaged 3 times a week over the past 6 weeks or so but full time job and single parenting don't help much!
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