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did i break my shocks?

radiojajaradiojaja Posts: 94
edited September 2009 in MTB beginners
i'm pretty new to mtb'ing and so far having a whale of a time!

ive a giant terrano disk which has been brilliant, i ride mostly on woodland trails with the odd slightly more 'hardcore' quarry adventure

considering i was 2 1/2 stone heavier when i started, i think my bike has had quite a tough few months.

its stood up great, and i'm slowly learning to look after it, but i seem to have a problem with the shocks. they are rockshocks i think, and pretty basic i would guess

when i hit any type of obstacle like roots or rocks, they seem to clang! they feel pretty stiff, but on the return they knock too

ive just been out and noticed they are getting so stiff that the front wheel struggles a bit to stay planted over rougher stuff, with the bike feeling like its controlled by the shocks rebound slightly, jumping as the shocks 'straighten'

its only 6 months old or so, can anyone suggest what might be up with them? or even what i could do to sort it

i dont think they did it when i first started, and it does seem to be getting worse

i have had a look online, and on this site, but cant seem to find anything

maybe its just what shocks do?

any advice for an old fogey new to all this stuff is much appreciated!


  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    Which forks? (make & model)
  • good point!

    sr suntour xcm v2

    thats whats written on them anyway!
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Cheap, basic forks I am afraid. Sounds like they need a service (strip and clean) or the bushing may have gone, in which case it is new fork time.
  • i was afraid that may be the case...

    would it be the riding? my (original) weight? lack of care? I tried to keep them clean, honest!

    or just the fact they arent as good as the rest of the bike?

    by the way, thanks for taking the time to reply! appreciate it
  • I personally doubt it would be the riding, I have the same bike but had various problems with the forks, in the end gave up with them and replaced them with a set of Rockshox Reba's, they are massive improvement on the standard ones.
  • i agree with above i had a carrera with suntour forks XCR i think they were and when i replaced them with some tora 318 u-turns it was obvious how rubbish they were, suntours are not worth the cost of a service IMO
  • ive already upgraded the cranks and tyres, both good investments and showing improved performance.. (shim' deore cranks and captain and purgatory tyres, with shiny new pedals too!)

    next question.. how much?

    i understand that you get what you pay for, and that forks like anything else can cost as much as you want to pay

    but how much would a good value all rounder cost?

    the two mentioned above as a starter?

    are we talking £100 or £500

    the bike cost £350 and the upgrades £200 already, is it worth spending that much more, or would it make more sense to upgrade the bike!!

    thanks again guys, this is really useful advice
  • I got my reba'sfrom merlin for £300 and did swither about whether or not to spend that much on a cheap bike, but I've decided to upgrade it bit by bit and and eventually change the frame, then build my terrago back up with the standard parts and let my missus use it, well thats the plan anyway :lol:

    There are such a big selection of forks to go for its probably best to get an idea of the price you want to spend then look around and see whats best for you budget. Its worthwhile checking on the Merlin site as they seem to do some good deals!
  • thanks again! those are good ideas i think

    i guess you could eventually end up with a top bike that way, rather than shelling out on one already made up

    good luck with the plan for the missus bike! i cant even get mine to think about it, much less let me get her her own bike!

    if i can impose further on your time, and as you have the same Giant bike to start with, what other components would you upgrade, in what order?

    obviously shocks first for me! what then? brakes? saddle?

    i'm pretty clueless i'm afraid, i only did the cranks and tyres cos the guys in the LBS suggested it for the Terrango as a good place to start!
  • Im quite new to all this aswell, so dont take my advice as gospel, ive just upgraded a few parts so far.

    Changed the tyres first to a set of Panaracer Fire XC Pro's, then changed the forks over to some Rocshox Reba Race's and lastly changed my brakes for some Avid Elixir CR carbon's.

    Gona pop into my LBS tomorrow and pick up a new saddle and pedals (pay day! :lol: ) then after that it will be a new set of wheels.

    I hadn't thought to change the cranks yet, will get to them eventually.

    Tbh I was more than happy with the standard bike for the first 6 months and it took some pretty heavy abuse down at Glentress on a good few occasions without any real problems. It was only after I had a shot of a boardman bike that I saw where I could improve my bike.

    Must say tho i've noticed a massive difference with the parts i've fitted, and would defo recommend them to anyone looking to improve they're bike.

    Hope this has helped.

    Heres a link to the couple of pics of my bike that I posted up...
  • thats brilliant! thanks again

    i like the pics too, make the bike look 'proper'!!

    i'm really happy with the tyres on mine for now, the front is a little wider than the back and on the advice of LBS man i run 50psi on the front and 40 in the back. seems perfect for the roots / rocks / mud / quarry i mostly ride

    i have to say though, the new cranks made a HUGE difference. they are much stiffer and theres plenty of power instantly, especially half way up a big rocky bump when i start to stall!

    comments on the pics about your saddle.. is that the standard wtb saddle that came with the bike? it does look big in the pictures, but ive not noticed any problems particularly?

    thanks again anyway. its been really useful like i said.. defo new shocks for me i think, then maybe brakes!

    where will it all end!?
  • Sounds like changing the cranks is something I should be looking into sooner! What cranks did you fit?

    Yeah my saddle is the standard one, does look quite big in the pictures and probably a bit heavier than some of the other ones available. Gona pop into my LBS today and try and get a charge spoon saddle, should be a bit better. Not really any problems with the standard saddle, just another wee mod for the bike :lol:
  • have a look at some tora's.
  • the cranks were the shimano deore set, about £80 i seem to remember but you'll need a new BB too

    like i said, huge difference tho, from the very first turn

    not too sure about SPD yet, so i put DMR pedals on too, as the standard ones were cutting my shins to shreds

    bigbenj - as in rockshock toras? is there a specific one to look at? or is that what they are called?

    just looking for general purpose good value

    just been told the problem i have may also be down to the headset, and to check it for play!!

    lost now!
  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    Another thing that might make a difference is upgrading the shifters (what to depends on what you've currently got). Better shifters are slicker, crisper and much more pleasent to use. Shifters affect gear changing more than the mech IMHO.

    Wheels worth condsidering, weight saving on the wheels makes more difference than saving it anywhere else. Change the rear cassette? Cheap cassettes are heavy although it might more sense to wait until it needs replacing due to wear.
    It's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.

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  • great ideas! thanks

    looks like i'll have plenty to look forward to upgrading over the next few months! :D
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