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Further knee pain....

bristolpetebristolpete Posts: 2,255
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I wrote about some knee pain on here about ten days back. I thought I had sussed it was the IT band and decided to rest for ten days and stretched it out, took some ibuprofen and was sensible.

But today I went for a ride and half hour in it went again. I really cant work it out. Nothing has changed, nothing. Really depressed about it and worried the only remedy is getting off the bike, but thats the paradox that annoys me. I am having new wheels fitted on Friday and a new cassette so we are going to reassess my position and take it from there but it is bloody painful.

The only thing I can think off is that I was hit by a car three weeks ago today and damaged my hand and shoulder, but perhaps unbeknown to me I did something to the knee.....

I suppose the question is, does rest help as I felt ten days off would and bang there it goes....

Likely going to call a physio this week too....


A rather deflated,



  • Damaged hip or knee in accident. A tiny tear in a ligament takes ages to heal, causes a lot of discomfort in certain positions. Or maybe a realigned pelvis orspine? Physio sounds like a good start... hope they work out whats wrong!
  • physio for certain.

    It'll probably be something minor like a complete lack of hamstring flexibility!
  • Cheers folks.

    Literally typed this and then picked up the phone and booked a session for Friday. Lets see how it goes.
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