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cycling after a hip replacement

suzesuze Posts: 302
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A question was thrown out to us all a few days ago regarding cycling after a hip replacement.

Does anyone have any experience of this, or knowledge about cycling after a hip replacement?
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  • brucey72brucey72 Posts: 1,086
    Hi, I should be able to help on this. I'm 37 and had both my hips replaced about 15 years ago due to something called avascular necrosis which is where the blood doesn't flow to the outside of the bone causing it to become arthritic. Mine was the older metal implant/plastic cup type replacement with an additional bone graft to give it more strength.

    I have no problems cycling as it is a non weight bearing activity although I do need to lean my bike over to get on it as I have a bit of trouble lifting my leg over the crossbar. I cycle about 150 miles a week and reguarly take part in 100mile sportifs and the odd time trial. I spent two weeks cycling in the french Alps this summer doing quite a few of the big Cols and as well as completing the Marmotte cyclosportif and did not experience any problems at all which is quite ironic because I find walking any distance causes quite a bit of discomfort.

    My surgeon, who I see once a year, was more than happy to sign the medical form that I needed for the french sportif and he says that cycling and swimming are the two best forms of exercise for people who have had hip replacements. I hate swimming so just concentrate on cycling. I have been cycling for 3 years and the main problem I had when I started cycling was building up the muscle where I had been cut during surgery. The muscle was very tight and required quite a bit of physio to get the suppleness back. I still do all the exercises now when I get home from a bike ride.

    Considering that I couldn't walk 100 yards before the replacements, i'm very pleased with the outcome of the operations. If you want any more information regarding my experience just let me know.

  • suzesuze Posts: 302
    Thnaks for that Brucey. I'm not sure where this may go. It was one of the other coaches at the Go-ride club who asked the question. So can I pm you if I need more info.
    �3 grand bike...30 Bob legs....Slowing with style
  • brucey72brucey72 Posts: 1,086
    You certainly can - i'm more than happy to help
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