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Road V mtb for commutte

kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,148
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I currently commutte to work by road bike 6.5 miles each way. Love the extra fitness its given me.
However come the darker nights, I feel more vunerable on some of busy junctions. There is an alternate route - but this is best done on an MTB.

Would this help or hinder my fitness ? On the one hand you need to put more effort in on the MTB - on the other hand - its so sole detroying, that I just plod - I am 10 minutes slower on an MTB ?


  • You could always consider a cyclocross.

    IMO ride the heavy old MTB for the commute and it should make you go faster when you get back on your road bike.
  • I konw exactly what you mean by plodding along. On my tourer I tend to cruise and get home normally. And my road bike it encourages you to push and i find that I get home knackered! - Design-Led home furniture and accessories.
  • I'd say use the mtb. I've put a pair of £10 schwalbe land cruiser tyres on mine and I pump them up to 65 psi. They're quiet because they have a centre rolling bead. I'm still slower than on the 'proper' bike but by the end of winter the road bike will still look nice. On a short commute ride like yours it must help your fitness to make it as tough as possible. (You could consider adding weight to the bike if it's a hilly ride and you can afford the extra few minutes riding time.)
  • I found once I got a MTB with a decent position it wasn't so soul destroying - it wasn't as fast as a road bike of course but it didn't feel too bad to ride. For 6.5 miles the training benefit is going to be pretty minimal anyway and if the alternative route is better on a MTB then I'd just do that.

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