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Clarkson and Martin



  • gaz047gaz047 Posts: 601
    isn't martin the one that was doing some race in europe last year, broke down and couldn't finish. which resulted in him bleating at the side of the road? if it is, quality!! he's a right biff and he takes up far too much airtime on a saturday morning when there could be something decent on instead of him with his head up someones censored . what a tool!

    he should leave clarkson to review cars and get himself back in the kitchen (but not on tv!)
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  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    Someone earlier mentioned that windfarms had ruined the Devon countryside...... but surely towns and cities ruined the British countryside (it used to be one big forest with a few small mountains) well before windfarms were thought of.

    Personally I'd rather see a windfarm than a new coal fueled power station cropping up near me to cope with the ever growing energy needs of the country. If everyone that was so concerned about energy consumption and the means of producing it got rid of their mobile phones, computers, TV's, stereos and cars then there would be a lot less polution and there would be no need for this discussion.
  • mogimogi Posts: 69
    james martin is a censored ,jeremy clarkson is an outspoken genius.
  • I agree that too many people in this world are scared to say what they actually think, which is a direct result of the estabishment telling us what is allowed and what isn't. We have been conditioned to say what is deemed as acceptable, and free speech only exists up to a point. Not that there's anything wrong with rules and boundaries, we need these in a civilised world, but it's a shame that people are constantly watching what they say for fear of being labelled a bigot etc.

    Although I'm a big believer in having manners, and being courteous to one another, and treating people how you expect to be treated, I also appreciate that people have differing views. However, it does appear that manners, respect for others etc. appear to be getting a little thin on the ground the further the human race progresses, if indeed we are progressing. Arrogance and rudeness is ever more present in every day life, as people strive to achieve and perfect the 'I'm all right , Jack. F*** you!' lifestyle, which worries me more than some glib remark from a car enthusiast.

    Clarkson doesn't particularly annoy me, but perhaps that's because I take him with a pinch of salt, and not having the slightest interest in cars, very rarely have to see him. What I have seen of him, he does appear to be having a laugh and generally trying to wind up people that he knows are guaranteed to react, thus entertaining himself further. I've never even heard of the other guy, Martin.

    I've no problem with people being outspoken because most of us have the right to respond and agree/disagree etc. But, don't think for a second that I don't get offended and wound up by what some people spout...because I do! :oops:

    What is apparent though, is that people are prepared to accept someone being outspoken as being 'cool and a legend', providing that the person being controversial stays within the limits. It only takes one word, or statement, to turn a person from being 'cool' to being 'public enemy number one'.

    Blimey! All that without any alcohol involved! :wink:
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