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Connection:Hemoglobin&Sport potential

blazblaz Posts: 24
edited September 2009 in Training, fitness and health
I have a question about how the levels of hemoglobin in your blood influence your cycling performance.
Let say we have a person A whose hemoglobin level is 138 and person B whose hemoglobin level is 150 for example.
Does this automatically means that person A can never achieve such results that person B if they are training together (same duration, same intensity, same training sessions)? In other words, is person B more talented for endurance sports like cycling than person A?

Let's say that they both weigh the same and are of the same age.

I don't believe it can be answered straightforward but still: I'd like to know wich are some other parameters that can influence performance maybe even in much greater amount than hemoglobin levels or if I put it this way, what should we also take in acount when we compare two cyclists whit differents hemoglobin levels.



  • Murr XMurr X Posts: 258
    It definately does not mean that the rider with the 138 will be not be able to catch the rider with 150.

    There are MANY, MANY other very important factors that come into play, so many that I will not even get started. :D The RBC count is only one piece (though a big one) of a very large picture much of which we do not fully understand.

    You will often find riders with fewer red blood cells than you and that do not train as well as you that have more power. (Not aimed at you in particular lol.)
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