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Granfondo Sportful & La Marmotte 2010

canoascanoas Posts: 274
I looking at doing Granfondo campag & Marmotte together within the 2 weeks. Anyone done the Granfondo & Marmotte in one year?

The only major sportive I did this year was Quebrantahuesos in the Pyrenees which was about 3,500m of climbing.

Let me know your thoughts. 10,700m of climbing in 2 weeks is a lot! I think I can do it just need some advice from anyone who's done it! training suggestions etc....


  • If you can complete the Marmotte, you can comfortably do the Gran Fondo within 2 weeks of doing it. If they were within 2 days of each other, then I would be worried!
  • I did the Tour of Pembroke, Dragon, Marmotte and Pinrello Granfondo one after the other over 6 weeks last year. I was flying on the track couple of weeks later, which was a bit of a surprise :D
  • canoascanoas Posts: 274
    Will - cool, yeah within 2 days would be a worry unless I was a pro! That's good to know.

    oldwelshman - nice photos, thanks for the info, that is a hell of an effort. Well done

    I'm 40 but theirs still plenty of energy left!
  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
    Will Young wrote:
    If you can complete the Marmotte, you can comfortably do the Gran Fondo within 2 weeks of doing it. If they were within 2 days of each other, then I would be worried!
    Exactly. 2-3 days of gentle riding should be enough, so long as you drink lots of water and eat moderately, don't pig out. Your legs could be a bit tired but after half an hour of riding you will be feeling fine.
  • knedlickyknedlicky Posts: 3,097
    Two weeks gap sounds fine to me. I’ve done two cyclosportives each with about 3500 m of climbing and 180 km distance within 2 weeks and not felt the first had any effect on the second, and I’m over 40 years. Two days after the Marmotte I did a 100 km ride with about 2500 m climbing albeit not with tempo.

    Also, in order to get points towards the Grande Trophee, many French riders do the Vaujany and the Marmotte, which are similar in distance and climbing, although they are only one week apart.

    I’d suggest not taking it hard between the two events but not too easy either, like if possible continuing riding the cols, but more leisurely and over half the distance. Staying in the Alps will help a lot both physically and psychologically.

    And take heart from Inigo Cuesta – he’s turned 40 years but riding the Vuelta, last time I looked doing the best of all the 35 or more year olds, Vino included.
  • genkigenki Posts: 305
    You should be fine, so long as you take it easy during the period inbetween. Last year I did the Maratona and then the Marmotte 6 days later. I didn't ride at all between the two and felt better on the Marmotte than I had the weekend before. This year I did the White Rose Challenge followed by the Marmotte 6 days later. But becuase I was down in the Alps for a few days I couldn't resist doing a couple of rides on the Wed and Thurs before the Marmotte. Not surprisingly the Marmotte felt a lot harder than the year before. I guess everyone recovers at different rates, but 5 or 6 days should be enough for you to be 100% fresh for the Marmotte.
  • canoascanoas Posts: 274
    Keeping the miles up during the events helps and as you say in the Alps is even better. My plan for 2010:

    Felice Girmondi Granfondo (May)
    Granfondo Campagnolo/Sportful (June)
    La Marmotte (July)
    Possibly Etape (July)
    Gruyere Cycling Tour (August) - did this already a few weeks ago.

    Out comes the Visa card and time off work!

    Inigo Cuesta 40 yeah he's great and pushing the others, some other pros in the past as well.
  • rowmanrowman Posts: 111
    I've done both these events for the previous two years. Two useful pieces of advice I got from the coach at my club were:

    1. it will take your body approximately ten days to fully recover after a hard sportif

    2. putting hard training rides in between the two events will not significantly improve your fitness.
  • This year I rode the Circuit of the Cotswolds, La Marmotte and Etape. It wasn't too much but i needed a rest after July. My advice will be plenty of rides in between, keep em short and sharp or just ride. Whatever suits. But not too much distance.
    This year Paris Roubaix, 2 weeks later Raid Pyrenean then Marmotte and credit card allowing Letape or Raid Alpine. It can be done just remember to enjoy it. :wink:
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