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completely new to cycling, just bought a trek 2.5

BennyG2.5BennyG2.5 Posts: 3
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I am completely new to cycling. I had mountain bikes in the past and I have no problem cycling. However, I recently decided to buy a racer bike having listened to two co-workers talking about them at work. I decided to buy a good one to begin with as no point in wishing for a better one down the i bought the new Trek 2.5 simply because I was told it would last me years if looked after properly and as I get really into cycling the bike will still be high quality. I havn't actually picked it up yet (waiting for delivery). Has anyone advice on getting started? what should i do and not do? what cycling gear should i get. thank you for taking the time to read this and reply. Benny


  • geoff93geoff93 Posts: 190
    Welcome, ;)

    Get a good pair of cycling shorts, don't have to be expensive, but the padding will make riding a lot more comfotable.

    A pair of cycling shoes and cleats will always be a good investment in my mind.

    If you're planning to ride through the winter, you'll need some good thermal gear along with a windproof/waterproof cycling jacket, or if you don't want to face the weather, a turbo trainer will be ideal.

    As it's going to be getting darker, earlier quite soon, a pair of lights would also be a worthwhile investment.

    Most importantly, get a good routine going, and enjoy it.

    Geoff :)
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  • Benny, I have just done the same. Got an MTB and thought I'd have ago on the road and got the Trek 5.2

    Unfortunatly costs mount up

    Pedals ; Look Keo Classics

    Spose you could get flats but clip in seem better and more effective (but may take some getting used to. Took 4 stitches out my girlfriends knee today after she fell off in the clips)

    Shoes; I took some Specialized Shoes as the fit was perfect

    Ultimately that’s all you need to get out there and you can add on the kit in time including
    Garish jersey(!),
    Some form of padded shorts /bib and brace
    Bottle cage and bottle.
    Spare tube/pump/tool kit etc?

    I've added a Cateye speed and cadence computer which is really useful to give you something to aim at

    Let me know how its going
  • i agree with everything Gregger said - I started 3months ago.
    try to get the cleats and shoes for the first ride out and you'll never look back... padded shorts...jersey choice seems less important initially but will need quality when cold weather comes. -

    let us know how the Trek rides - looks lovely in the shop
  • get some of the new crud catcher road race gaurds unless you want a very wet/ dirty bum/back
    Bianchi. There are no alternatives only compromises!
    I RIDE A KONA CADABRA -would you like to come and have a play with my magic link?
  • You are going to love the 2.5 mate. Got mine recently and can't believe how good it is! Its incredibly light (for an alu frame), has good components, and goes like the clappers. For a newbie starting out on road bikes (like me) it is ideal - you won't regret it. I'm sure you will get loads of advice from far more experienced and knowledgable riders than me on here but all I will say is make sure you do invest in cleated shoes and the right pedals - my riding technique and all round handling have been improved beyond recognition by using them. You will also need deep pockets -I can't stop spending on bits and pieces!
  • Got to disagree slightly with suggestions about jerseys/winter gear - the best thing I find for winter is layering. I don;t get too cold anyway, but find that as long as the fabric wicks, layers are the way to go and don't end up costing the earth for fancy pants jeerseys!
  • MettanMettan Posts: 2,103
    Get a Smart Superflash rear light: ... 360026001/

    Get some Gel-padded gloves. Get some Sunglasses - protects the eye at speed.
  • Thank-you very much to all who took time out to reply. Tomorrow is the big day, bike came in today and shop will have it ready for collection tomorrow afternoon.

    I ordered a helmet, proper cycling pants with padding (I'll need loads of that !! ). I'll just be using regular pedals for the moment until i get used to the bike and its gears.Then I'll invest in the shoes, pedals and cleats. I've never even used brakes in this position before. I'm used to a flat handle bar.

    I wasn't actually thinking of cycling at night time, I work shifts so I'll get some daytime cycling in, thats the plan at least, but, if I'm not getting out enough I'll definately consider evening cycling and will definately have to invest in front and rear lights. I should be grand for starting off now and like Jayoxf said, i'll probably keep spending on bits and pieces.

    I'll keep ye informed, and can ye keep giving tips for starters beginers, there's always room for extra information and advice.
  • happy riding Benny....... bet you wont sleep much tonight..... my new Roubaix was allowed to stay indoors to be admired every time I walked past it for about 3 days before the wife got fed up with it....
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