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Very hard steep hills, or really long buggers near this?

freehubfreehub Posts: 4,257
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I am only thinking of doing this tomorrow, unsure if I might only do 20 or so miles, but if I do anyone know of any really hard and stepe hills or just any long ongoing censored of a hill near this route whereby I do not need to take a massive detour or could modify the route so the mileage does not extend massivly?

Alternatively, can anyone who lives in the area possibly modify this route or make a 60mile one that is allot hillier? I don't know the area much despite living round here all my life so I don't know what's hill and what is not.



  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    Why do these damn bike route websites always keep crashing my browser!

    Anyway, second attempt!

    What you can do is climb up the side of Wharfedale between Harewood and Pool. There are several hills up there but I think the most sustained is Pool Bank itself (A658). Going via Shadwell trades the steep climbs to the west for a more sustained but gradual one.

    You could extend NW to Blubberhouses via Otley and back via Fewston - hilly over there though not risking re crashing the browser to see how it looks on Bike Hike. You'd want to shift your start to the west though to do that though.

    I'd potentially be interested in having a bash at that route but not tomorrow - tbh I think it might be a bit grim into a strong headwind on the way out. Depending on the forecast, if you wanted to have a go on Sunday I could possibly provide some company!

    Do you live in Wistow? I drive out to where I want to start so I can pick the terrain for my mood.
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  • freehubfreehub Posts: 4,257
    Yea I live in Wistow, I can't do it sunday unfortunatly. Tomorrow the wind is just gonna be as bad as sunday, I prefer a headwind on the way out then I fly back.

    I modified the route slightly before you posted:

    I could do more miles I'd go further than grassington but I'm limiting myself to around 80miles at the moment as I don't want to go overboard, my knees don't like 100+ atm.
  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    Oh well, maybe some other time - not sure I can see myself getting up early tomorrow though it is vaguely tempting.......!

    I'd stick with the old return route - shift the outward through Scholes, Thorner, Bardsey and East Keswick onto Harewood Avenue. Then, drop down on the A61 and take the Pool road. Pick a left turn up to Eccup and pick up the original route.

    See how that comes out.
    Faster than a tent.......
  • freehubfreehub Posts: 4,257
    I'd probs set off about 12noon tbh.

    I'm having second thoughts though I'm feeling bad about doing it with my knee even though the physio says I can still do my rides as long as I do the exercise he showd me, but I think I should keep it short but I'm so eager to do really hard hilly rides it's what I like.
  • rossererossere Posts: 38
    I would turn right before Otley and go through Farnley and up Norwood Edge (B6451). This climb is much steeper than the one you have chosen and is used on the White Rose Challenge.
  • Try
    It's usefull when you want to explore new areas. It's shows elevation as well.
  • aspockaspock Posts: 21
    Try Hartwith Bank out of Summerbridge.............. thats steep
  • jacsterjacster Posts: 177
    East Chevin Road is definitely worth a ride - up and down!
  • East Chevin and Norwood edge - both part of the Otley Two stage hill climb, I missed the event this year when East Chevin was replaced with Guise Cliff - so if you are close to here you could chuck all 3 of these climbs into your ride.
  • jacsterjacster Posts: 177
    East Chevin closed today - gutted. Was hoping to do a couple of repeats. :oops:
    Maybe it's getting a resurface.
  • jacsterjacster Posts: 177
    Norwood Edge..loving that climb.
    Going to work out a circuit that takes in East Chevin then Norwood Edge and home via Black Hill.
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