new bike help please

francol Posts: 9
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need your help...which bike for 10 mile commute plus 60 mile weekend rides?

specialized allez sport 2010
trek 1.5 2010
giant defy 2
boardman road comp



  • bourney
    bourney Posts: 12
    trek or the boardman
  • Monkeypump
    Monkeypump Posts: 1,528
    Trek gets my vote.

    I'd say Boardman, but there are plenty of horror stories on here about Halfords so tread carefully.
  • skyd0g
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    The Boardman is the better bike IMHO, but I would take it elsewhere for any servicing.
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  • topdude
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    Giant Defy 2, more relaxed geometry so better for commuting while still fast for weekend rides :D
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  • Garz
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    Boardman user here, but my friend rides a trek 1.5 so both get the thumbs up!
  • FeynmanC
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    I've got the Defy 2.5 and i've recently started commuting 25miles each way (a couple of times a week) and just completed my first 60 mile weekend outing with a group.

    I find it a really comfy ride
  • kingrollo
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    Boardman is the most racey of those bikes......are you sure you want to commute on such a bike ?
  • Grazy81
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    I have an allez 2010 for exactly the same needs as you and it has done me proud so far, it doesn't take normal mud guards though so depends if that bothers you or not.
  • benno68
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    topdude wrote:
    Giant Defy 2, more relaxed geometry so better for commuting while still fast for weekend rides :D


    I'm happy with my Defy 2, I commute 20/25 miles a day and do 30 - 50 miles on a Sunday - the Defy 2 is great, but wish I'd gone for a full carbon frame now, at the time I couldn't justify spending the extra £££.

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  • mgcycleguy
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    ... what about a Spesh Secteur ?
  • Jimbo.
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    Try them all. Whichever fits the best, and whichever is available, buy. No point opting for a Specialized by default if you can't get it to work for you fit-wise without changing all manner of parts and/or running things at the extremes of their adjustment! Ditto if they're unavailable which, currently, seemingly everything is!
  • speedo
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    go for the TREK
  • I tried a number of bikes and settled on the Trek 1.7 2009. Very glad I did, brilliant bike