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Last night, I'm pinging up the bus lane in Balham whilst beside me is a queue behind a bus which itself is behind lights. A car (naturally) pulls into the lane bang in front of me (thank the lord for the recent brakes servicing) simply so it could undertake the car in front and get a little closer to the bus... all so far, so normal on a London road.

Then the good bit. A cop car (that was about 3 cars behind) chucks on the blues and pulls the little sod over, with a thumbs up to me as I ride past! Love it.



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    nice :D
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  • Result facemunk. Good to see the cops on our side for once
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    On a similar note:

    There's a stretch of road that runs alongside the A52 into Derby, it's a service road for the Industrial Commercial Estate there and obstensibly it's a dead end. However, coming from the other way you can access this road via a bus / cycle lane and a few of the locals use it as a rat run when the A52 is busy.

    I've been hassled a few times down this stretch by people using it illegally as it's a single lane, curbed each side stretch - so you can't pass. They do try though.

    Anyway - yesterday morning - I'm going the other way , the shared cycle / footpath and there's a police presence catching people using the rat run. :D They got a WVM and handing out tickets... I go past and give an audible "Yay!" to which you can hear this muffled "F*ck Off!" I laughed and so did the Police! :lol:
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    I overtook a nice looking lady on a uni-cycle heading down Newport Road a few months back - hasn't happened since!

    Commuting on a uni-cycle - hard as...

    Thank god I kept my scalp, I'd never have lived that down.

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    Riding the Bristol - Bath path a few weeks back and I can see this bike coming towards me with the riders face approx 12" higher than normal and moving from side to side. When we pass I realise its a unicycle with either 26" wheel or 29" wheel :shock:
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