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Energy drinks and gels?...

hopper1hopper1 Posts: 4,389
I currently use SIS Go in my bottles (for rides over 30 miles) and SIS gels during similar length rides.
I know that gels and supplement drinks aren't favoured by all in the forum, but, rightly, or wrongly, I like them.
However, I was wondering, am I using the best products, or are there better alternatives on the market?....

What are your preferences?...
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  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    Mostly comes down to taste really, they're all pretty close on calorific value and likely contents. Personally I mostly use Torq gels but occassionally SIS and other ones to. For drink I use SIS Go to, mostly because I like the taste and the bias towards electolytes. High 5 stuff you get at many event feed stations seems pretty good to. Mind you it's been years since I raced so I've never done any testing as to what makes me faster/further :p
  • nolfnolf Posts: 1,287
    SiS gels are nicest, I think the powerbar gels probably work the best but are frankly disgusting and make you very thirsty!

    Energy bars- SiS chocolate flavour Go Bar or some cereal bars.

    Energy drink- SiS is alright taste and works well, best taste goes to the new Zipvit energy drink. Delicious, but not sure it works great.

    Recovery drink- Powerbar chocolate protein stuff mixed with skimmed milk and stirred for about 10 mins til smooth. Works great and tastes great.
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  • Gav888Gav888 Posts: 946
    To be honest I just use Gatorade / Powerade. Cheap enough and taste alright.
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  • Maximuscle Viper energy drink. It has lots of fancy sounding stuff in it, not sure what most of them do but it is rated so I beleive. The orange flavour is actuallt fine tasting and it mixes ok too.

    Powerbar energy gels in apple flavour with caffeine. Again, taste good to me and the sachets are a good shape so you can have half of one and save the rest if needed.
  • Gav888 wrote:
    To be honest I just use Gatorade

    Gatorade has came highly recommended by a friend who's a Sports Science lecturer.
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  • Sonny73Sonny73 Posts: 2,604
    I am currently using ZipVit energy elite (orange) and I have to say I have been very impressed with it too.
    I bought 2 tubs (2 for 1) with a work mate about 2 weeks ago and he too has been nicely surprised by the effects; he uses it running and in the gym.
    To be honest I drank a load on Friday around 4.30pm, an hour before I planned to go out. I got delayed going out in the end and it may have been my imagination, but I felt like I was bouncing off the walls (almost unpleasantly) I had so much energy by the time I did get out. Still when I did, I did the best time and average speed I ever have on my regular route :D good times!!

    I also use ZipVit recovery rapide (choco) and it works well for me too.
  • hopper1hopper1 Posts: 4,389
    Plenty of varied feedback... Thanks guys.
    I may look into this ZipVit stuff. Like most stuff out there, it's all down to personal taste, I guess...
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  • Sonny73Sonny73 Posts: 2,604
    Don't forget you can trial ZipVit first for £3.99 using their box offer:
  • hopper1hopper1 Posts: 4,389
    Excellent link, Sonny73, thanks very much... I just ordered it for three different addresses!!! :shock:
    Start with a budget, finish with a mortgage!
  • WoodchipWoodchip Posts: 205
    Avoid the Zipvit orange gels. I can only get through half of one without wanting to gag. The rest of their stuff is top notch though.
    I have nothing more to say on the matter.
  • Woodchip wrote:
    Avoid the Zipvit orange gels. I can only get through half of one without wanting to gag. The rest of their stuff is top notch though.

    Is that the one with added caffiene? Not tried the normal one. But the caffiene one like you nearly made me chuck!
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  • Sonny73Sonny73 Posts: 2,604
    No worries hopper1, enjoy. Though I would agree about the gel in the box, it's rough and made me gag.
    The energy and recovery bars however were lovely and I'd personally add milk to the recovery drink, I know you’re not really meant to but I do and it tastes great; enough for me to buy a load anyway :wink:
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