bike seat and post stolen

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grrr...just thought i'd add this as a record of all the other bike related thefts that have occurred recently..

It was stolen from outside a cop-op in Bromley, the security guard checked the CCTV and said it was taken by 2 kids, and that there have been lots of kids hanging around that particular car park stealing things recently.

I heard that the co-op have recently tested playing loud classical music outside their stores to deter kids with some success and suggested they implement it at that store.



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    Hmmm. Quick release seat posts have a definite disadvantage. IIRC this also happened to DDD.

    I believe he now has a saddle with a groove in the middle, through which he threads a cable lock.

    How was the ride home?
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    Sorry to hear that Moonio. Silly season in full flow I see :cry:

    Whilst I appreciate bikes are stolen year round, do they reach a peak in the summer or is this a 'special' year because of the recession?

    Continue to hope mine escapes such 'loving' attention :?
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    Yeah, it sucks when this happens. My expensive saddle now gets swapped for the cheapo piece of crap that I got for a fiver as a spare from the LBS every time I need to lock my bike up.

    Locking through the saddle rails isn't always a deterrent - I've seen a few stolen seatposts where someone's got an allen key and detatched it from the saddle. Why anyone would want to do this is a mystery to me. :roll:
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    Cafewanda wrote:
    do they reach a peak in the summer

    I asked the police recently for some statistics regarding this. They said that most bikes get stolen in December/January because of Christmas.