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Things you see on a ride...

LondonMTBLondonMTB Posts: 79
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I'm sure you guys can bring some more 'interesting' stories of weird/wonderful/surprising things you've seen on a ride, but I am a just a beginner so am starting with the mundane....

So today's are just a few birds...
On the way to the forest, over some grassland, almost went right into a kestrel, who stopped hovering when I appeared, & sit pointedly on the fence post 2m away to stare me out...
Then a sparrow hawk having a fight with a crow...
Then a heron plodding alongside me on a track that comes out near a pond...

And to think I was cycling in London!!
(ps I do look where I'm going, honest!)


  • trekheadtrekhead Posts: 626
    are you cycling in an avery?
    Joking - :wink:
    ole ginger b*ll*cks / the ginger ninja
  • CustomReignCustomReign Posts: 185
    How about a big black cat near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire? I have since been made aware of other sightings and this is my second in the Cotswold area.

    Having found out that a number of big cats were released by several owners in the area once the Dangerous Animals Act was brought in, I'm not surprised. A very exciting moment.
  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    edited July 2009
    Where do I start?

    Tons of wildlife on the Chase and lots of birds if you can be bothered to find out what they are. Not seen any adders this year but they have the best camouflage ever.

    Then there's gloves, glasses, hats, scarves, rear lights, books, maps, dog leads, cups and of course MONEY...

    Weird stuff is mostly during the hours of darkness - people behave completely different when they think no-one can see them. MTB lights are just the right height to shine into cars when the dogging season is in full swing and occasionally there are some Druid types having a 'party'. There was also an amateur porn movie going on a few years ago and there's the bloke who walks up and down Sherbrook Valley topless in winter.

    Not seen any fatalities but I know some of you have :shock:
  • fred1starfred1star Posts: 428
    A while ago I was cycling near Maidstone. I stopped on a small bridge over a stream. Looked down to see a frog jumping under my bike it was being chased by a grass snake. The frog jumped into the water and buried itself in mud and weed, the snake could not find him.. Shame really, would have loved to see what would have happend if the snake got him... :twisted:
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  • llamafarmerllamafarmer Posts: 1,893
    My favourite was a ride earlier in the year on a very frosty morning, I was out on my own in a heavily wooded section when a deer came blitzing past me on an adjacent trail, followed shortly afterwards by a small dog and then much later by a very out of breath owner :lol:
  • Helen-mtbHelen-mtb Posts: 112
    In the new forrest i saw a snake... and im not joking, it had like, a zig zag/diamond patterne on it... was pretty fat. didnt want to get too close :/
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Would have been an adder.
  • RealManRealMan Posts: 2,166
    Was amazed when I did my first london ride, which was 100km through london and all the parks. All those deer, in the middle of such a huge city. Great sight to see.
  • Helen-mtbHelen-mtb Posts: 112
    you see a lot of dear in the new forrest too :) and an adder? in the new forrest? :shock:
  • CdOrangeCdOrange Posts: 2
    The weirdest(and most sickening) thing I've ever seen on a ride was a homeless man having sex with a fat girl. I still hear the slapping of her censored when I try to sleep :(
  • RealManRealMan Posts: 2,166
    CdOrange wrote:
    The weirdest(and most sickening) thing I've ever seen on a ride was a homeless man having sex with a fat girl. I still hear the slapping of her censored when I try to sleep :(

    There are some things in life you should never share.

    That was one of them.
  • Helen-mtbHelen-mtb Posts: 112
    Now that is not a nice spotting...
  • llamafarmerllamafarmer Posts: 1,893
    Helen-mtb wrote:
    you see a lot of dear in the new forrest too :) and an adder? in the new forrest? :shock:

    They're pretty unmistakable, do a quick google image search.....
  • I saw a man on a bike with strange handlebars and wheels the width of rizla papers wearing skintight clothes !!!!! :shock:
  • jedi_masterjedi_master Posts: 888
    Saw a man walking a Ferret on a lead once.
  • RealManRealMan Posts: 2,166
    Havnt seen this personally, and it may just be a myth, but I did hear that a friend of a friend of a friend once saw a guy with mary bars..

    ..and bar ends.

    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  • robmanic1robmanic1 Posts: 2,150
    I saw a roady smile

    .......nah, just foolin'
    Pictures are better than words because some words are big and hard to understand.
  • A week or two ago I was on a ride and came blasting out of the woods for the run alongside a rugby field this rabbit shot out from the undergrowth and was totally pegging it just in front of my front wheel.

    It was like when dolphins do that swimmy jumpy thing in front of ships, but more furry! :)

    He stuck there for about ten to fifteen yards before veering off the right and back into the forest. I thought it was ace at the time and told my riding buddy about it.

    Last night, same place, same thing happened again! He didn't hang around in front of me for as long this time, but I get the impression the wee guy just waits in the undergrowth and does it for fun. :D
  • RealManRealMan Posts: 2,166
    Have had that same thing happen infoxicated, but with a badger. He went for about 30 meters before disappearing into a bush.
  • Helen-mtbHelen-mtb Posts: 112
    urhhh just googled it *cringe* definately one of those!

    didnt know you got adders in the new forrest!
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Britain's only poisonous snake.

    Though they do taste quite nice with a bit of brown sauce.
  • ashleymp777ashleymp777 Posts: 1,212
    I saw Lawrence Dallaglio at the Box Hill cafe. I'm glad i didn't ride into him, it's have been
    like hitting abrick wall. He was MASSIVE!!!!!
  • what happens is an adder bites its tounge?

    Bet it doesent ask for brown sauce :D
  • ceecee Posts: 4,553
    what happens is an adder bites its tounge?

    Bet it doesent ask for brown sauce :D

    surely it would ask for brown thosssssssssss :wink:
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  • Helen-mtbHelen-mtb Posts: 112
    an adder bites its tounge? eehh??
    and i didnt know that! good job i didnt stop for too long lol! :shock:
  • Aldo001Aldo001 Posts: 251
    Once I was caning it down the road and I looked over and about two feet from my head a bird was flying at exactly the same speed as me which was fairly cool
    Another time I was having a rest and a drink of water whilst looking onto this road, I saw some NEDs throw chips onto the road to get the seagulls to eat them. After a couple of times a bus came along and obliterated a seagull :shock:
    I once had a cat come within inches of being run ovwer by my front wheel and the same with a squirrel. I missed both so no need to inform the RSPCA :wink:
  • RealManRealMan Posts: 2,166
    We were once descending down this narrow road (road bikes, road club etc.) and a squirrel ran out from one side to the other, going between the wheels of the guy in front of me. Best timing ever.
  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    When I was riding along one of my favourite local trail I saw a very fast pretty large black "thing" bolting down the trail in front of me, got round the next corner and it took off into the air. Turns out it was a wild turkey.

    Not bike related, but a few weeks ago I was walking back from the coffee shop downtown and I saw a moose by the creek. Just stood there eating some leaves in the park. Shame it was a cow so it didn't have the antlers.
  • Hercule QHercule Q Posts: 2,781
    i once saw a man walking a parrot and alot of the time i see trees and mud and sky and mud and sky and trees and mud and sky and mud and mud

    Blurring the line between bravery and stupidity since 1986!
  • When I've been riding of a frosty winter morning in north france I've seen hares,rabbits,feasants,partridges and weird people dressed in camoflage with 12 bore shotguns.(have you ever been on the wrong end of a shotgun before ?
    they make a sort of whistiling noise about 5 meters away from your head)

    In summer i've seen adders on hot days,buzards,sparrow hawks
    I assume this is French petrol - be careful in reverse - the car will retreat rapidly at the least provocation.
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