Easy beginners friendly trail?

Max A
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Ok as the weather has now cheered up in the North East i am feeling brave and motivated to go out.
I'm bored of being on the cycle lanes ( which is where i've been sticking too) and i now fancy trying a track.

Harmsterly isn't far from me but i'm wondering if that might be a bit too scary :lol::lol:

Any suggestions for a newbie friendly track preferable one where i won't annoy the hell out of other riders for quite possibly looking and acting like a wally?


  • andy46
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    i'm interested in this too if anyone's got any advice as i'm also a beginner "up north"

    For the OP i recently did the blue route at hamsterley with my girlfriend, there is a couple of fairly steep climbs but nothing too demanding i would definitly give that a go :)
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  • lm_trek
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    Its more midlands based, but i tend to take the guys from work to cannock to start with, FTD is a great starter trail.

    Not sure of any up north!
  • MrNero50
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    You'll be fine at Hamsterly, on either the blue or red. The red is basically a longer version of the blue with a few more climbs. Though I understand the red is being improved. There is a little bit of the red from the Descend Hamsterly hut, that may present a challenge.

    My advice would be have a go on the loop first, and if you can tackle the majority of the red portions, you'll be good to go!! :D
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    Do you have an address for Hamsterly? I'm living in North Tyneside and I take delivery of my new Genesis Core 20 next week.

    Can't wait to give it a blast!
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  • Thread8
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    i would just say pretty much any blue/red run, rather than specific trail centers

    and also, people shouldnt get too annoyed because we all have to start somewhere :D
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    I found the Hamsterley XC red route the tamest of any trail centres I have done. It makes Sherwood Pines look radical. FTD at Cannock is gnarly by comparison. Admittedly its been over a year since I went so it may have improved but I won't be going back unless they make it a lot more challenging. Don't be intimidated by it go and have a go. I think Hamsterley has got its mountain biking reputation from the downhill area rather than the XC

    There really should be some standardisation on what constitutes a red route.
  • BurtonM
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    easy trail routes up north east.
    causey arch is an easy little route, the fifth easiest in my book of "riding outside hamsterely"
    im 17 and just moving out of the begginers zone and use that as a training route.
    its up by kibblesworth/tanfield/beamish
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  • Max A
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    Thank you , I think i was just scared of making a t%t out myself in Hamsterly....my OH rides there with his experienced pals and i haven't even attempted anything remotly interesting yet lol

    I fancy going for a ride tonight..although it does look like it's going to chuck it down but way hey..the muds half the fun!

    Avoid Hamsterly tonightif you don't want me getting in the way!

    I've been on The Casuey Arch a few times it's not far from my house..if you see the daft lassie grumbling it's probably me..say hello :lol:

  • andy46
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    i've just got back from hamsterly, i've just done the red route with my other half and she seemed to really enjoy it, although there was one climb where my legs just wouldn't take me any further and had to dismount and push the bike up the rest :oops:

    but we had a decent ride and it's bone dry at the minute! you'll be fine doing blue/red up there.
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  • Max A
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    We done it..or more to the point i did :lol::lol:

    We went off up on the blue route which as fun as it was seemed a little dull , then plodded about on the red route but being in the mood i was we ended up on the The Loop and boy was that fun :lol::lol:

    My OH gave me the go slow speech before we went on it, but with some unusual bravery on my part i flew round it lol It was bloody fantastic! :lol::lol: ( Ok i did get off a few times when i seen things that looked too scary!) but no -one was around so i didn't bug anyone.

    For my first trail it was great fun and i even managed not to fall off.

    Well chuffed. :D
  • cgarossi
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    Congrats! :D

    Now go back and take another look at the bits your stopped at and see if you can do them :)
  • Max A
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    :lol: I will, but being that i was acting kinda daft cos i didn't have a helmet on.... :? I'd better wait till mine arrives.