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Best live CD I have heard - From here to eternity !

nicensleazynicensleazy Posts: 2,310
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By far, this is one of the best live CD's I have heard this year. The Clash - From here to eternity. A fantastic listen and will certainly take you back. Full of raw energy, kicking off with Complete Control. Its the Clash through the ages with even Armagideon Times recorded at the old Lewisham Odean with Mikey Dread. There have been quite a few mediocre live recordings of the Clash in the past including Live at Shea Stadium. However, this is one CD you will find yoursef playing over and over. Its the band at its very best ... L&index=36

Complete Control
Londons Burning
What's my name
Clash City Rockers
Career Opps
White Man in Hammersmith Palais
Capitol Radio
City of the Dead
I fought the law
London Calling
Armagideon Times
Train in Vain
Guns of Brixton
The Magnificient Seven
Know you rights
Should I stay etc etc
Straight to Hell

The sound recording on all tracks is very good!


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