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Energy Drinks

Roadfanatic94Roadfanatic94 Posts: 37

What are your thoughts on energy drinks such as SIS sports fuel, isostar etc. I've heard they can make you violoently sick. Better off carbo loading ? eating while exrecising ?
i'd be interested to knopw everyone elses thoughts.



  • SBezzaSBezza Posts: 2,173
    I use Sis Go without any issues, I must admit if I overdid it on the amount I put down I would probably feel sick as well, but normally most shouldn't have any issues.

    It depends on what you are doing, I have never carb loaded, as I have always eaten whilst riding if it is going to be a long hard ride, and eat normally the days before. I have never had any performance or stamina issues either riding a long sportive, or doing a long TT.
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    Only way you're going to know if they work for you is to try them. I use SIS and find it tolerable, but its not exactly delicious. Doesn't make me sick though.

    Even if you carbo load, you'll still have to eat during longer rides....
    More problems but still living....
  • gtitimgtitim Posts: 225
    Heres my review on SiS and energy/recovery fuel in general...

    Eat Your way to cycling glory...

    But in general, SiS make great energy products.
  • MettanMettan Posts: 2,103

    What are your thoughts on energy drinks such as SIS sports fuel, isostar etc. I've heard they can make you violoently sick. Better off carbo loading ? eating while exrecising ?
    i'd be interested to knopw everyone elses thoughts.


    For a club run or training ride, standard orange squash is perfectly adequate - although, in general, if you've got a proper event (Race, sportive TT etc) just make sure you're used to drinking whatever you'll be using on race day.
  • pianomanpianoman Posts: 706
    High5 Energy Source XTreme is pretty light on the stomach, though I think their gels are a bit overrated for anything other than long rides on extremely hot days.

    Afterwards.......find a garage that sells Galaxy milk drinks with their added protein. Chocolate HEAVEN :D
  • gtitimgtitim Posts: 225
    mmmmm... galaxy milk drink..... aaarggshggahagp
  • BlondeBlonde Posts: 3,188
    It depends whether you like the drinks and whether you personally find they work or just find them hard to stomach. I don't get on with any energy drinks at all, so I use Nuun electrolyte only (no calories/sugars/carbs) and eat a sports bar or two (Torq or Cliff) on a ride if needed. As I usually stop for meals anyway I don't always need any additional food - it depends on the length of the ride and on the terrain. In the Alps a few weeks ago I did use one Powerbar gel on a couple of days, but I can't have more than one per day or I get stomach pain. I don't carb load, as I don't find it actually works for me. It simply makes me bloated and gives me stomach pain, but apparently women benefit much less from carb loading than men, so my experience with that probably isn't uncommon. I'd suggest you get some sample packs, or single bars and drinks sachets of diffrent kinds and try them out before buying a big box of something that works for you.
  • EdwinEdwin Posts: 785
    Depends what type of riding you are doing as well. For training or sportive type rides I'm fine with water, and old skool stuff like bananas and malt loaf. For racing, I normally make my own energy drink, but recently decided to change my approach - see the thread on hydration. I still think the commercial powder mixes are overpriced, and most of them aren't particularly pleasant.
    If you are getting calories from food, I don't think you need any from a drink as well, otherwise the extra carbs will actually dehydrate you.
    Carb loading is largely nonsense as well IMO, with decent nutrition it isn't necessary. As always, experiment during training, and never try anything new during an event.
  • Big BanjoBig Banjo Posts: 78
    I just make my own by using maltodextrin, orange squash and an electroylte tablet crushed and mixed with it. Works out much cheaper and tastes like orange sqaush.
  • gtitimgtitim Posts: 225
    by the way maximuscle have a great offer on there viper range at the moment - check em out

    There viper bars are awesome -
    Viper Bars

    Maximuscle's Viper Extreme® bars are considered the most powerful stimulant* and buzz bar available on the market. Its exclusive and unique formulation should provide you with a powerful mental and physical buzz in about 15-30 minutes of eating it. Viper Extreme bar is made from a delicious blend of fruits and grains blended for long lasting energy. To make sure the formula really gives you a kick, you get an amazing 5mg of guarana, 139mg caffeine and 1035mg of L-Tyrosine, a very potent excitatory brain amino acid. Within 30 minutes of taking this great bar, many people feel more awake, vibrant and ready to tackle the most intense training sessions, long work days and more. Never before has such an impressive combination been put into a bar.
  • joshposhjoshposh Posts: 673
    Try high five super carbs. It works for me and i am the same age so it should be fine.

    Its Josh by the way from Lotus.
  • mattisardmattisard Posts: 12
    I have used the sis ones and they are a little sweet. the go is better than psp i think.

    But like a few of the others here i have been making my own drinks for 2 years and no probs on the stomach. Look at the ingredients and work it out.

    during training either:
    2 tablespoons maltodextrin (basicall coffee sweetener)
    1 table spoon glucose (available form boots/morrisons)
    pinch of salt
    1000ml water

    You can buy some taurine and add this which is what is in maximuscle viper extreme.

    As far as my science teacher knowledge goes, there are two different types of sugar thta break down at different rates, so you do not get the sugar rush of some drinks. The sugars are easily absorbed.

    For ingredient like caffine and taurine l-cartynine i use cheap and easy to use.

    I have been using this mix for swimming, triathalon, running rowing, riding with no problems at all. And thebest can make it any flavour you want. just add your favourite cordial!!!! :P
  • vorsprungvorsprung Posts: 1,953
    When I started riding "seriously" a few years ago I used orange flavoured PSP22

    But it contained aspartame so I switched to unflavoured and then to any brand maltodextrine. The last couple of batches of this I got from All Sports International, who sell it as "Dynamite"

    You specifically ask
    1) does this cause stomach upset?
    2) am i better off carbo loading instead?
    3) what about eating during events?

    1) maltodextrine stuff doesn't give you stomach ache unless you were to take it at a high concerntration whilst doing very high intensity riding like a time trial. The Aspartame in it sometimes gives me the trots but not every time. The other risk for stomach upset is riding in hot weather. High concentration energy drinks "use up" water in the body and so in effect make you more dehydrated. If it is so hot that you need a lot of fluids this can be a problem and lead to stomach upset.

    2) Carbo loading before an event is not "either / or" with using energy drinks or eating. If you have carbo loaded effectivley then you will not need to eat so much. But your bodies carbo (glucogen) reserves will still only be 90 minutes to 120 minutes of hard exercise regardless of how well you have carbo loaded. So if your event is longer than this you will have to take on more energy from food or energy drinks. I do not specifically "carbo load" I simply have a big helping of carbohydrate rich food the evening before events.

    3) Eating has the same risks as using energy drink. If you are doing very intense exercise then it is likely you will feel ill. Energy drinks and gels make it possible to take on many more grams of carbohydrate per hour compared to "normal" food. A litre ( two small bottles ) of high concentration energy drink can contain the same carbs as 4 large bananas

    I do long distance events, 200/300/400/600km over interesting terrain at a moderate/slow pace. My fueling strategy is to eat real food at meal times, if real food isn't avaiilable I have recovery drink ( I carry All Sports Amino Load powder ). When I am riding I either drink half strengh maltodextrine+squash or water+Nuun tablets. I also have a supply of homemade flapjack to eat as I go. This approach works for me but would not be appropriate for shorter or more intense events such as typical sportives or races
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