If you were to make a historical cycling documentary....

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What would it include?
I work for a footage archive which contains the history of the world from the 1890's onwards.
Recently I've been researching cycling stories for a compilation and thought it would be great to make a documentary with some of the images which include, inventions, design, fashion, racing, safety etc etc
If the forum were to produce a documentary film made up entirely of archive footage what would you like to see included in it?


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    The footage of me overtaking several club riders on Highgate Hill West last weekend on my S/S while wearing a polo shirt and board shorts on my way back from my mates BBQ.


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    Merckx's 1972 hour record
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    Oh yes we have that, not the record itself but when he returned to Belgium

    'Eddy Merckx, 27, was besieged by a crowed of reporters on his return from setting a record which cycling experts say ranks with the greatest cycling feats of all time.'
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    The bike race episode from Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?
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  • A really early trials competition, where you won by doing little more than riding in a straight line. What with the neon lycra and rather unimpressive 'skillz' on display, you could play that 'rump-de-pump-rump-de-pump' tuba music they play when fat people walk for a more lighthearted moment in the film.
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    Have you got that Superstars clip where Kevin Keegan wipes out?
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    Early trade unionists on bikes in flatcaps. 8)