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Shift workers

Since starting road biking I've been hoping to get fitter and increase my mileage (i like the idea of being able to do the odd sportive etc). However I work shifts which include 5 weeks of night shifts followed by 4 weeks of day shifts in which I will work either 3-4 day 12-13 hr shifts. These are not necessarily in nice clumped together runs either. This means that I have a 12 mile round journey for my commute then on my mid week days off ( if i've not been on nights the night before) I'm managing between 20-30 mile outings. I can't get any kind of routine going due to the nature of my shifts. So feel that I'm getting a bit stuck in a rut. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to improve? Is it just a case of getting out on the days I can and MTFU! get my censored in gear and push out the xtra mileage?

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  • Giant PhilGiant Phil Posts: 116
    If its fitness you are after, with such a time constraint, I would recommend upping the intensity of your training. Try searching for 2x20 workouts, or basic aerobic interval training.

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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I work a rolling shift pattern and work opposite to the mrs so we can sort child care so time is very limited. Consequently my mileage is low but intensity high, works for me...
  • galaxyboygalaxyboy Posts: 168
    When you are feeling a bit drained i would stop commuting and save your energy for a good ride on your days off or between shifts.
  • tomcoopertomcooper Posts: 9
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  • da gooseda goose Posts: 284
    I work 9/10 hour nights days lates so in reality 14 lates/nights in 21 shifts had a cracking year last year with almost 5000 miles and was really strong...went into the winter and took a pasting.... ridden just 1000 miles this year due to injury/fatigue.
    My advice is use the nights week or part of it as recovery and if you are commuting keep it really easy/slow.
    As others have commented i found it easier to forget the commute and short hard training sessions but back off when tired.
    You will never maximise recovery working shifts....I learnt the hard way?
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