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Turbo tyre wear

Sonny73Sonny73 Posts: 2,604
As I am recovering from injury at the mo I am mixing turbo rides with short road rides.

With that in mind I was wondering just how much wear and hence effect the turbo rides are having on my rear tyre that I cant see and will the 20 odd hard rides of an hour that I have done recently on the turbo, have impacted too much on my tyre to use it on the road without potential issues?

I am going out to get a training wheel this weekend to prevent further wear but just wondered if anyone could answer my question, sorry to sound a bit naive on this but I have not used a turbo before until my injury :D


  • I wore out my rear tyre within about 2 weeks of turbo use. Got a proper training tyre: no wear. My tyre squared off very quickly and i could see all the tiny specks of rubber that had come off the tyre on the base of the turbo.
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