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Specialized Allez 2009 Chain Advice

jarrvojarrvo Posts: 47
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Hi all,

Im after a little advice on the correct/good chain for my Spec Allez 2009 (double).
After completing the L2B the whole bike is in need of a little tlc with the chain a lovelly black colour, which im going to clean this evening as its my first free night :)

After having a rather nasty fall off (broken arm, 2 broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder) my mountain bike in february due to a chain snapping im a little weary of having it happen again, so if it looks like it needs replacing whats the reccomended replacement?

I got the SRAM PC-971 for my mtb, would this be a good option?


Kuota Kharma 2011


  • sovedasoveda Posts: 306
    Are you sure you need a new chain? How many miles has it done? Clean and lube it, if it runs freely then great!
    I like SRAM chains for the MTB, what groupset are you running? Would help people to advise specific chains.
  • jarrvojarrvo Posts: 47

    Im not sure whether the chain will need replacing but it did slip a few times while out riding last week which could just be the amount of gunk its picked up over the weekend, im going to give it a good clean tonight and see what state its in.

    The bike is mostly stock apart froma new front rim, so its the original groupset.
    Derailleur : Front - Shimano Sora, Rear - Shinano Tiagra
    Casette: Shimano Sora 9, double.

    Im doing around 100+ miles a week, for the last 3 months.

    Just wondering if needed i could pop my unused Sram pc-971 on?
    Kuota Kharma 2011
  • topdudetopdude Posts: 1,557
    I got the SRAM PC-971 for my mtb, would this be a good option?

    If your PC-971 is a 9 speed chain it will be ok, however it will most likely be too long so you will have to shorten it to the same length as the original.
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  • jarrvojarrvo Posts: 47
    Thanks, after giving it a good degreasing the chain looks fine to my untrained eyes so i dropped it off at the LBS for a service :)

    hopefully it will be back to normal for tomorrow mornings ride :)

    Kuota Kharma 2011
  • sovedasoveda Posts: 306
    I've been advised that it is worth replacing the chain every 1000 miles so as to save on the cost of cassettes!
    It sounds like you may be getting a call from the LBS to ask if you want to replace the chain.
    Get yourself a chain checker, it will pay for itself!
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    Okay, you could just guess and replace it when it skips or you're bored or whatever.

    Or you can do it properly and get a chain checker, they're not hugely expensive and and prolong your drivetrain life considerably. Replace the chain before it gets to 1% wear and you should get 2-3 chains to a set of sprockets. If it's past 1% ride it until it skips.

    On your mtb you probably damaged the chain somehow causing a weak link.
  • jarrvojarrvo Posts: 47
    Thanks for the advice, i will look into getting a chain checker to be honest i never knew such existed !

    Turns out the chain is fine just a combination of dirt & grease plus the gears needed a minor adjustment.
    Its now running perfectly again :)
    Kuota Kharma 2011
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