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mattbass789mattbass789 Posts: 355
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I had a bit of an off last sunday, and just got my bike back from being repaired. Only thing is that the saddle is scuffed to high heaven. Any one know if i stand a chance of sourcing another one from anywhere. It was one saddle i found comfortable, and well it obviously suits and goes with the bike so would like another one.

cheers in advance.
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  • markw99markw99 Posts: 33
    I've got a Boardman saddle which I was going to stick on ebay, as I put my fizik on my carbon pro if your interested. Cheers
  • skyd0gskyd0g Posts: 2,540
    :idea: may help if you were to mention the name / model of the saddle you have scuffed & want to replace. :wink:
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  • toshmundtoshmund Posts: 390
    skyd0g wrote:
    :idea: may help if you were to mention the name / model of the saddle you have scuffed & want to replace. :wink:

    Going by the topic title, I would say it was a Boardman saddle. Which I agree with the original poster, are very comfortable...
  • skyd0gskyd0g Posts: 2,540
    Doh! :lol:
    ...sorry skipped-over that! :oops:

    The Boardman saddles are OEM, so only come with the bikes ~ I'd suggest you PM markw99 or look on eBay. 8)
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  • 2tired2ride2tired2ride Posts: 285
    They are similar to the Fizik Arione? You could upgrade to a better saddle :D

    I also agree that the boardman saddle is comfortable :D but it went on a different bike to be replaced by a Fizik Arione CX (which has no where near flex in at as the standard Arione and Boardman saddle).
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  • ascurrellascurrell Posts: 1,739
    i may be wrong but i think some [if not all] boardman saddles are made by velo.
    velo produce a lot of saddles for others who put their name on them.
    cheers, scurry
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