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New training regime - comments/critique

wastelanderwastelander Posts: 557
Hi all,

I'm just a recreational cyclist - I don't race but after struggling towards the end of the Dragon Ride Grand Fondo it's obvious that I need to work on a couple of key areas - hill climbing and sustained effort.

I have a choice of some excellent tough climbs in my area and I've also begun to incorporate tempo work into a more structured training plan but my question is how to best go about increasing my effort.

I'm incorporating 3 x15 tempo intervals at 80-90% max h/r with 5 min recovery and 3-4 hill reps (0.8 mile at 6-12% gradient) with 5 min recovery. I alternate hill reps with the tempo sesssion then have a recovery ride Wed, with a longer ride on Fridays. Sadly due to other commitments cycling on weekends is not possible.

For the next 3 weeeks I was planning on increasing the tempo interval by 1 minute and decreasing the recovery time by 1 minute, then having an easy 4th week before continuing with the same increase in effort until I'm riding the full hour at 80-90% max hr. Over the same time frame I was looking to increase the hill climb reps to 5 whilst decreasing the recovery time to a straight descent of the hill - is the above feasible and and long will it take for improvements to be noticable?


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