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HRM not reading/'sticking' - HELP!

vdubber67vdubber67 Posts: 55
I've been training with a HRM for a few months now.

Over the last few weeks I've found my HRM occasionally not working, or 'sticking' on particular numbers, irrespective of effort.

I checked the contacts were moist - no change. I ended up buying a new (and expensive!) HRM in frustration. This one seemed OK, then did the same thing...!

I think I've managed to figure out in the end that it was static from my riding tops (basically the HRM would start working again if you held the top away from your body)

Trouble is, I'm not sure how to stop this - I even bought some anti static clothes spray which doesn't seem to work. It's worse when I ride my road bike for some reason (flapping top in the wind?)

Anyone had this, got any thoughts on it? I wouldn't be so stressed if it wasn't a crucial part of my training/riding for a stage race I'm doing soon!


  • SCR PedroSCR Pedro Posts: 912
    How high do you wear the chest strap? In my experience they work best when they sit just below the hard plate between your chest. You could try tightening the band as well, but not so much that it's uncomfortable.

    My Garmin does this. I often show crazy hear rates in the first 5 minutes, then the sweat keeps the contact points moist and it's ok.

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  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    "Flapping jersey syndrome" was a new one to me until I got a replacement Garmin 705 unit under warranty this April - the new unit seems much more prone to it than the old one for some reason. Never had any problems with my old Polar HRM.

    The Motionbased forums have some advice on how to avoid problems, but not sure how practical they are:
    - the tighter fitting your jersey, the better (obvsiously!)
    - less of a problem in humid or damp weather
    - merino wool jerseys or base layers are apparently not subject to static build up (can't vouch for this as I haven't been able to buy a merino base layer as so few available and I only wear club jerseys so not much help)
    - ditto for damp jersey or base layers (hence you normally have crazy readings early in a ride, but once you start sweating it reduces the problem)
    - anti-static spray (I got some from an on-line sewing shop) may work although I've found that once it dries out the problems re-appear

    Frankly, it's a pain in the butt. Can go for several rides without any trouble and then get a whole ride with stupidly high readings when freewheeling downhill or riding into a headwind.
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