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TT's and oversize handlebars

ILMILM Posts: 41

looking to buy a Tacx Sirius Turbo Trainer 2nd hand but I can't find any info to confirm if the resistance changing handle will fit my oversize handlebars on Spesh Allez.

i've tried the Net, Tacx with no reply and the seller does not know either.

any ideas???




  • nmcgannnmcgann Posts: 1,780
    Yes, I bought one after xmas and it fits conventional and o/s bars. There is a plastic insert that clips in to reduce the diameter.

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  • ILMILM Posts: 41

    thanks for that, bought it 2nd hand but there are no instructions with it, so don't really know how to set the back wheel to magnetic roller properly. Been on Tacx webpage but all I can get is the "Assembly Guide", nothing on bike/wheel setup, can anyone help please??

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