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How, why and where am I putting on weight?

neilo23neilo23 Posts: 783
3 years ago, due to a long period of unemployment, I had the pleasure of being able to train in the Austrian hills for between 2 and 5 hours whenever I wanted (6 days a week). I got down to 72 kilos (always been slim, a touch over 6ft tall). Now, due to work, I go out about 3 times a week for between 2 and 3 hours plus twice a week in the gym (NOT body building!) and weigh 85 kilos. I understand that long rides are a great way of burning the calories, but I can't say I look any bigger when I stand in front of the mirror. If anything my legs are skinnier. My stomach looks a little fuller but not 13 kilos bigger! My diet now is pretty much the same (with less chocolate). Where is this weight hiding itself? Is my brain getting heavier due to the increase in wisdom that comes with ageing?


  • ohlala!ohlala! Posts: 121
    it might be that you now have more lean muscle mass which weighs heavier than fat. I read an article about this in Men's health a couple of years ago. It says that if you really want to find out your weight properly you should invest in those scales which has the ability to measure body fat percentage as well.
  • neilo23neilo23 Posts: 783
    If only that were true. I certainly LOOK less muscular. Maybe you're right about the scales...
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,038
    I think you hit it on the head.. training nearly every day as you did.. pays off in respect of getting to a fighting weight...
    You may have more muscle then again you may have more visceral fat.. get a Bodystat analysis.. or borrow someones Tanita scales that do a segmental analysis of %fat and lean muscle and bone density..

    but re think again how much 'work' your were doing in Austria.. I too remember that country.. some kms out of Vienna and the hills were not inconsiderable killers!
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