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Sore Hamstring Tendons

richard36richard36 Posts: 346

Whilst cycling and running I get slight pain in what I think is called the hamstring tendon (there are 2 tendons at the back of my knee and its the one at the outside of the leg which gets sore). Assuming it is the hamstring tendon can anyone recommend anything to help? I suspect I need to do some stretches and if anyone who has had a similar problem can suggest some good stretches I would greatly appreciate it



Ps I hope I'm posting this in the right section!


  • Saddle too high on the bike, maybe? Of course that doesn't explain the pain while running, does it?
  • robgoddrobgodd Posts: 28

    I'm just getting over exactly the same problem, though I only got the pain on my right leg for some reason....

    I'm sure it was caused by having the saddle too high (on both my bikes), and lowering it by a good 2cm or so eased the pain straight away. It lingered, though, particularly flaring up on longer rides, so I decided to see a physio.

    He said stretching (which I was doing a lot of) probably wouldn't help as all you are doing is stretching the healthy muscle and leaving the scar tissue on the tendon. It's the scar tissue that builds up that causes the pain, and it's this that needs to be seen to. A decent amount of massage might help, but he suggested acupuncture. I'd never had acupuncture before, and I don't like needles, but it seems to have done the trick. Wasn't too painful - just uncomfortable - but it is supposed to actually break down and release the scar tissue.

    I'd recommend seeing a physio, and go for acupuncture if it is suggested.

  • dilemnadilemna Posts: 2,187
    Acupuncture - interesting.
    I had what I can only describe as feeling like a tendon stretch/snap just below/at bottom of my left calf when I was running one evening. Had run about 3 miles on grass round the playing fields when it happened. I couldn't walk so had to hobble home using my heal as I couln't push on foot to walk. It was like this for 10 days. I massage the area whilst watching TV in the evening or just before bed or in the morning. Some two weeks later I can walk ok and cycle again fine but it doesn't feel strong enough to start running again and frankly don't want to as the pain was excruciating when it went.
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  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,038
    I'd give up the running in the 1st instance :wink::wink:
    Mind you, you are doing well to use your hamstrings whilst cycling.. lots of people just use the quads..
    ok .. think about doing some specific hamstring strength training exercises.. look 'em up on the web... AND stretch developmentally after exercise.. get a buddy to help with a PNF stretch routine
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