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thanks for advice re back pain but this is odd

inaperfectworldinaperfectworld Posts: 219
re my request for help with back pain before tour; had a session with a physio, and with time the back felt better but not right before i went. felt discomfort the first day and expected to be stiff as a board the next day. miraculous! barely a thing and in fact i was pain free through tour.
odd thing is that it returned the day after getting home after bending down to defrost freezer. except that it is on the other side of my back and in my buttock. needed to do a short commute yesterday and after the ride the pain was less. went for a 15 mile ride and although a bit of ache during the ride the buttock pain has gone and the ache is less. going to see gp next week, but on the evidence riding the bike is making the pain better!!!!
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